What’s New in Aesthetic Medicine? Trending Treatments for Face, Body and Skin


What’s New in Aesthetic Medicine? Trending Treatments for Face, Body and Skin

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(BPT) – With the pandemic winding down, most of us are venturing out and going back to the office after about two years of working from home. This heralds a strong return to social engagements, parties and other face-to-face encounters that were on hold for so long.

“Cosmetic treatments for the face, body and skin are definitely in high demand post-pandemic. All signs suggest that consumers are eager to experience the newest crop of advanced aesthetic treatments we can offer them,” says Brandy Van Heyde, NP-C at BraVa MedSpa. “Many people opted for surgical procedures in 2021 since they could manage some downtime due to widespread shelter-in-place orders. Now we are seeing patients who are seeking facial and body treatments that yield maximum results with minimal downtime. The good news is that some of the latest and greatest non-invasive treatments and technologies can deliver surgical-like results,” says Van Heyde.

Eyelid surgery was the top surgical procedure among 50- to 80-year-olds from January to July 2021, according to The Aesthetic Society1, but not everyone wants or needs surgery to soften crow’s feet and other signs of aging around the eyes and upper face.

Enter Secret RF™ and Secret PRO™ by CUTERA with options that combine fractional CO2 laser skin resurfacing and radiofrequency microneedling to treat aging around the eyes, while enhancing overall skin tone and texture.

Dr. Edward A. Alvarez, founder of Madison Avenue Face and Body, explains, “This technology stimulates the production of collagen and elastin under the skin’s surface, restoring many of the qualities associated with youth. An added bonus is that Secret RF microneedling can also treat common skin concerns such as texture, scars, loss of radiance, skin tone, quality and stretch marks.”2,3,4

“The procedures can be stepped up if you are looking for a deeper, more corrective treatment to reverse the signs of aging or stepped down if you just need a touchup,” says Dr. Alvarez. Typically, one to four treatments are needed to achieve your goals.

Many of us put on a little weight during the pandemic from lack of exercise and stress-eating. “Now that the world has opened up again and everyone has started to return to their normal routine, non-invasive body contouring is on trend, and it’s helping both men and women restore their contours,” he says.

“Most people don’t have the downtime needed for liposuction, so we suggest a truBody treatment with truSculpt® flex and truSculpt® iD,” says Dr. Alvarez. “truSculpt iD is a 15-minute fat reduction treatment, and truSculpt flex is a 15- to 45-minute muscle-stimulating treatment that can tone your abs, obliques, buttocks and thighs,” he says.

“With truSculpt iD, it takes about three to four months for your body to eliminate the damaged fat cells, and most people see an average of 24% reduction in fat,”5,6 Dr. Alvarez says. “truSculpt flex creates tone and definition through multi-directional bioelectrical muscle stimulation. One treatment simulates 54,000 crunches, and a series of treatments can result in up to a 30% increase in muscle mass,”7 he says.

The best part? “The surgery-like results we can achieve with Cutera’s innovations can be performed with almost zero downtime so they can fit into anyone’s schedule and lifestyle year-round,” says Van Heyde.

Schedule a consultation with a Cutera provider near you today: https://www.cutera.com/find-a-provider/.

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