Prep Your Home, Dorm and Classroom for a New School Year

(StatePoint) Many students spent the last school year learning virtually, and now, there are a lot of items on parents’ and teachers’ to-do lists to help get ready for a return to traditional learning this school year. Below are tips to help simplify the transition – at home, in the classroom and in a dorm room.

At Home

Take Time to Declutter


With most students returning to in-person learning, it’s easy to forget about the workspace at home. Create an area for homework and studying that’s free of distractions by throwing out unnecessary items, filing away papers in folders and buying new supplies like pens, highlighters and paper. Add Duck Brand Select Grip EasyLiner to desk drawers and shelves to keep items in place and protect the surface from scratches and dents.

Meal Prep for Simple Mornings


Early morning routines and busy commutes will become the norm again. Keep them stress-free by stocking up on a variety of breakfast and lunch options so you can prepare and pack delicious meals and nutritious snacks for the week. By having meals planned and proper ingredients on-hand, kids can get to the bus on time and stay focused all morning.

In the Classroom

Welcome Students Back


Teachers can create a fun and welcoming environment by decorating the classroom with colorful bulletin boards and personalized nametags. EasyLiner Adhesive Laminate is a budget-friendly way to add extra protection and ensure they last all year long.

Help Keep Students and Teachers Healthy


The health and safety of students and teachers should continue to be prioritized.  Take proper hygiene measures by encouraging kids to wash their hands, cover their coughs and catch their sneezes. Keep a small bottle of hand sanitizer in lunch boxes and backpacks for convenient sanitizing.

In a Dorm Room

Create a Home Away from Home


Moving away from home and adjusting to living alone can be challenging for college students, but the transition can be made a bit easier by making their dorm feel like home. Personalize the space by hanging family photos, canvases with fun colors and patterns or string lights. If you’re worried about paint chips on the wall, try hanging items with Nano-Grab Gel Tape. The multi-purpose solution holds up to 20 pounds and can be used on a variety of surfaces, without leaving behind a sticky residue.

Ensure Proper Nutrition


Getting adequate sleep and proper nutrition are necessary for fighting colds and flus while living in close quarters with others. Skip the chips and use EasyLiner Disposable Cutting Mats to cut up fresh fruits and veggies for a nutritious snack without having to leave the room. These disposable cutting mats provide a strong and flexible cutting surface, while the textured bottom keeps the cutting mat in place. They come in a convenient box with a built-in easy cut slider for quick and easy clean-up.

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For many students, this school year is coming on the heels of a year and a half of virtual learning. With a few smart strategies, you can help keep students organized, happy and healthy as they make the transition.