Five things a UK freshman learned in their first month

Riley Stull

1. You need to invest in good shoes

Walking at least three miles a day is a given on UK’s campus. If you don’t have decent shoes, your feet will never recover. Walking from the Jacobs Science Building to White Hall and back sounds like no big deal, but it begins to wear on your feet. This is especially true when you have class from 9 a.m. to 3 p.m., work out at the gym after that, have dinner with a roommate and end your night hanging out with friends. Your feet may just be ready to fall off. As a UK student, you’ll need to find some quality shoes to walk around in. Your life will improve tenfold.

2. The dining hall is good, but repetitive

You have to find ways to spice up dining hall food, unless you’d like to be stuck with chicken tenders and pizza for a year. To all my fellow picky eaters, try new foods! There are options outside of your norm, and they are worth a shot. If all else fails, the dining halls still have chicken tenders as a constant. Grab something from each station and create your own meal.

3. You can never own enough blue clothing

I truly thought I had more blue clothing than any person could ever wear. After just three weeks at UK, I may already need more. Everyone looks great in blue, so it’s a good color to wear to class, Caturdays and nighttime outings. You really can’t walk to class without seeing at least 20 people in a Kentucky top or sweatshirt. As for Caturdays, if you aren’t wearing blue, who even are you? Supporting your team has never been so easy, and you look great while doing it. So next time you see anything blue at a good price, buy it.

4. There’s free food everywhere you look

You really don’t ever have to spend too much money on food if you’re smart about it and willing to look for it. The Student Activities Board is always hosting some kind of event that offers snacks, dessert, or a meal. If you’re Christian or Catholic, the Newman Center, Baptist Campus Ministries and the Christian Student Fellowship offer some kind of free food at least three nights a week. The Big Blue Pantry in the basement of White Hall also offers free groceries to any student in need. Basically, you have resources as a student, so you don’t have to go hungry.

5. You need multiple pairs of shorts and socks 

Laundry piles up quickly, and in the residence halls, it is super expensive. So, make sure you have enough socks and shorts to make it through the week. When you’re walking absolutely everywhere, the sweaty clothes really pile up. The free t-shirts are never-ending here, so there’s no issue with sweating through those. You want to make sure you’re getting the most out of your laundry money, and that means not having to do laundry every other day.

I’ve only been here since August 16,  so I’m sure there’s plenty more to know. However, these are the things I’ve learned in my short time here. The biggest thing you need to know, though, is to try everything. Go to all kinds of sports games, attend everything you hear about, and make the most of your time here at UK.