Mirrorballs and bejeweled outfits: Manchester Music Hall hosts enchanting ‘Taylor Swift Night’

Gracie Moore and Jennifer Sadler

On Saturday, April 1, Lexington’s Taylor Swift fans crowded into Manchester Music Hall to scream her biggest hits and dance like they were 22. 

“The Taylor Party” is a dance party hosted at music venues around the country. 

Manchester Music Hall hosts a multitude of artists and events every month and is a pretty well known venue in Lexington.  

For “Swifties” like us, the night did not disappoint, despite the fact that we weren’t sure what to expect going into it. 

Since neither of us had ever been to Manchester Music Hall, we were unsure of just about everything: the amount of people that would be there, what the venue would look like and what the general vibe of the event would be. 

Luckily, it exceeded all expectations. 

The music started at 9 p.m. and was run by DJ Brian Sikes Howe, who was thoroughly engaged with the crowd for the entire night. 

In addition to the ambient lighting, smoke and a disco ball in the middle of the room, the setlist was practically perfection. 

The iconic bass of “…Ready For It?” immediately grabbed the attention of the audience as the opener for the night. 

“…Ready For It?” is the opening song from Swift’s sixth studio album “reputation.” Her “Reputation Stadium Tour” in 2018 broke the record for the highest attended concert by a female artist in the U.S.

Plenty of Swift’s classics like “Love Story,” “22” and “Bad Blood” were played, along with some choices that only true Taylor fans would appreciate such as “this is me trying” and “Out of the Woods.” 

The mix of songs from all of her “eras” helped create a high energy and collective spirit felt throughout the night, even as the crowd grew tired and began to lose their voices (to which we can attest). 

The night represented everything Swifties are known for — fostering a sense of community, creating safe spaces to be who you are and enjoying Swift’s music in whatever way you desire. 

While some spent the night dancing, others stayed towards the back simply listening and observing. Regardless of how the audience participated, the atmosphere was unmatched.  

With many unable to get tickets to Swift’s “Eras Tour” due to high ticket prices and general difficulty with Ticketmaster, the party was a great opportunity for fans to scream and dance along to their favorite songs with others. 

Although not the same as a concert, it was a wonderful experience. It was great to be surrounded by people who have the same interest in and love for an artist that you do.

Nothing can top screaming the bridge to “Cruel Summer” with a room full of fellow Swifties.