Campus construction impedes student safety

I’ve made do with the inconveniences of the hospital construction because I know that Lexington needs it. That being said, I have a real problem with the way that this construction is going.

During construction this semester, I have been catcalled by construction workers twice. I have had a nail go through my bike tire. I have almost been run down by countless cars confused about traffic diversions.

The closure of the last main road connecting the College of Agriculture to Central campus is just the last straw. This closure turns a 20-minute walk from the White Hall Classroom Building into a 30-minute ordeal.

The latest pedestrian walkway is an unsafe, uneven, meandering and gravel-ridden joke. As more fences were built and pedestrian walkways diverted, the student body was left in the dark to blindly grope its way across campus.

The new walkways were poorly marked, constantly changing and consistently unsafe. They were littered with debris (including nails), switched sides of the road without a crosswalk and sometimes meandered through the heart of a construction site, rendering them completely hidden.

I refuse to accept that this is the best that UK can do for me. I don’t believe I should have to fight to get to my classes on time, let alone worry about my personal safety in the process.

I found it odd that while the street was covered in large chunks of gravel, the construction crew found time to build a large wooden deck onto one of its trailers. This deck appears to serve no purpose other than to add some comforts for an extended stay on the lawn.

I will not even go into detail about the fact that UK was founded as a land-grant university primarily to teach agriculture.

Although I am not surprised by the new hospital’s placement, I detest the fact that this integral part of the university is being alienated physically by this construction.

I won’t be forgetting this lapse in concern for student safety anytime soon.

Cristina Brady

Agriculture senior