Editorial unfairly attacked Beshear

In response to the Kernel’s editorial yesterday, “Beshear breaks campaign promises with budget cuts”:

Less than a few weeks into the new Democratic administration, the Kentucky Kernel is already on the attack, and the attacks couldn’t be any more without merit.

The editorial board valiantly defends the students (note the sardonic tone), asserting that Beshear and his staff “should have crunched the budget numbers before making promises.” Yet what the board fails to point out is that such number-crunching was nearly impossible because former Gov. Ernie Fletcher and his cronies repeatedly and gleefully lied about the figures in question in a sad, desperate attempt to win re-election.

Obviously students should continue the fight for lower tuition, and I and my organization openly join them in such a fight, but what Kentucky needs right now after four years of appalling dishonesty under Fletcher is responsible, ethical and prudent leadership — leadership that makes the tough decisions to put our commonwealth back on the right path — and that is precisely the leadership that Gov. Beshear is exhibiting.

Richard Becker

Political science and history junior

College Democrats of Kentucky co-chair