Cut in KEES budget strains students financially

Education is the driving force in America that allows every other aspect of this country to survive, yet there has been a proposal by our own governor to cut the budget for Kentucky Educational Excellence Scholarship, as the Kernel reported Friday.

KEES provides an opportunity for many students in the state to continue their college education. Out of all of the budgets that can be cut, scholarships have to be one of the most important to our community. Every scholarship dollar is helpful to a college student.

By asking for a cut in the KEES budget, Gov. Steve Beshear is placing more strain on the young people of his state. He is asking them to work more hours to pay for school and study less to make time for that work. Not only does it place financial strain on the student, but it also affects their parents. Having an annual scholarship of $2,500 can really help out a family, and taking 15 percent of that away is like taking away textbooks, payment for tuition and other items the money could have gone to.

If too much financial strain is placed on the student or family, it can really make an impact on the college education of that student as well as his or her life after college. To some, 15 percent of $2,500 is not a lot, but for the others, 15 percent less is just 15 percent more to worry about. If students lose their scholarship money, one can only imagine the effects that it will have on an individual basis.

Andrea Frye

Dietetics junior