Paul will lead Kentucky proudly

Letter to Editor by Phillip Nguyen

If anyone wants to see how “mendacious” the Paul’s campaign has been, I think we should all look at Dr. Rand Paul’s past records and compare them to now. That being said, he remains exceptionally consistent and honest in his political and philosophical views — a rarity amongst politicians today.

A quick Google or YouTube search of Paul would confirm this. If you check out one of his early speeches before he ran for the U.S. Senate, we get a glimpse at who this man is.

Look at his speech at the original Tea Party rallies in Boston in 2007 and 2008, or perhaps his early appearances on KET discussing the state’s budget.

He is a freedom fighter, a true American patriot who condemned the corporate bailouts, government wastes, and out of control spending.

The number one most important issue that affects all Kentuckians, as well as the nation, is the economy. We, as fiscal conservatives, need to focus at the big picture and not narrow our sight on one politician just because Paul made an attack ad against him. After all, the fact of the matter is that America is broke.

Paul is doing a magnificent job on his campaign that was ignited by grassroots supporters and a growing movement to reign in the unconstitutional government policies.

To claim that it is “one of the most dishonest ones in the history of the Kentucky Senate race” is just another childish political attack.

Phillip Nguyen

chemical engineering sophomore