Letter to the editor: Columnist misplaces Arizona shooting blame



This is a response to Amanda Wallace’s article, “Who is to Blame?,” featured in the Jan. 21 edition of the Kentucky Kernel.

Promoting the notion that crosshairs on a map played a significant role in the recent Arizona shooting is almost as absurd as continuing to claim Obama was not born in America.

I realized that Wallace ended with placing the blame on the shooter, with which I agree, but the reference to Palin’s campaign material having been a major cause (as well as the comment regarding magazine size) is not only pointless, but fuels the fires of ignorant hateful partisanship.

If Calipari comes out before a game and says, “Let’s kill ’em,” (he’s said worse, so I’ve read), and incidentally a random lunatic shoots members of the opposing team, will we hold Calipari liable for prompting a shooting? Of course not; that would be completely absurd.

Wallace knows this. All this Palin blame-game comes down to is partisan fear-mongering.

Don’t like the president? Deny the facts and say he isn’t a citizen.

Don’t like an opposing political group? Go write about how they’re prompting murderous rampages.

I think it’s a sad irony that the adjacent article calls for less partisanship and coming together.

M. Nolan Gray

Philosophy and Political Science freshman