Think Your Baby Should be a Model? Here’s How!


Think Your Baby Should be a Model? Here’s How!

Brandpoint (BPT)

(BPT) – There is nothing sweeter than a precious, smiling baby. While some parents may be biased, claiming theirs is the cutest, all babies have precious traits that make them perfect in their own special way.

Carter’s, the most trusted baby brand for more than 150 years, is celebrating babies across the country with its first-ever “Baby of the Year” contest. The brand is conducting a nationwide casting call, offering parents and caregivers the opportunity to enter their little ones (up to 1 year old) in the contest. Each month, Carter’s will select a “Baby of the Month” who will be in the running for the coveted “Baby of the Year” title to become the newest face of the brand and win exciting prizes.

The brand recently announced its January “Baby of the Month” winner, Romelo Ball — an adorable little boy who loves to eat blended mangoes and play with talking teddy bears. Another fun fact is that he has eight siblings! What a lucky boy to have so much built-in love and best friends for life.

“As the go-to baby brand, families are always reaching out to us with photos of their babies telling us they should model for us and honestly, we agree! There are so many amazing babies out there, and we want to celebrate them and their inspiring stories,” said Jeff Jenkins, Executive Vice President, Global Marketing.

Carter’s search for its next fresh face is so much more than a cute smile. The brand is looking for cheerful, charismatic and inspiring babies that represent the future. In this new age of modeling, there is much more than meets the eye. Here are a few ways your baby’s contest entry can stand out and make an impact on the “Baby of the Year” judges panel:

  • Let their personality shine: They may not be able to speak just yet, but there are plenty of ways babies express themselves, whether through babbling, silly faces or gestures. Show off your baby’s uniqueness and what makes them so special!
  • What’s the story?: From the time of birth, every baby has their own special story — from where they live, to the family that surrounds them and how they were welcomed into this world. These stories should be shared and celebrated as a way to not only set your baby apart but build a more emotional, personal connection to the selection panel!
  • Made for the camera: Some babies inherently know when to “turn it on.” It’s true that you may need to snap dozens of photos to narrow in on your favorite shot, but babies certainly know how to work it, from an unknowingly witty smile to a mischievous smirk. Sometimes all you need is to capture the perfect candid moment.
  • Set the stage: While your baby is always the star, setting the perfect backdrop can help them shine. Create a cute scene with textured blankets and stuffed animals or simply dress to impress in an adorable bodysuit, accessories included.

For more information on Carter’s “Baby of the Year” search and prize offerings, visit While there, check out the brand’s signature adorable baby apparel and accessories that stand the test of time, all at an incredible value.