Booktrib’s Bites: A Potpourri of Diverse Reading Choices


As Time Unfolds“As Time Unfolds”

by Barbara Zerfoss

Bethany Miller inherits an ancestral home from the biological mother she never knew. Inside a grandfather clock named The Timekeeper, she discovers a family journal. For three centuries, generations of women each wrote one entry, sharing family secrets, chronicling courageous acts, the freeing power of forgiveness and more.

Reading the women’s stories and timeless wisdom, Bethany begins to reassess her busy life and contemplates taking a chance on romance, but she can’t forget an alarming encounter with a girl’s soul-piercing eyes. They shot a dire warning. . . right before she disappeared. Those eyes cause Bethany’s past, present and future to collide.

This suspenseful tale with elements of historical fiction will captivate you from the start and keep you guessing until The Timekeeper chimes twelve. Purchase at

God's Gift (Woman)“God’s Gift (Woman)

by Freddie Floyd Jr.

This book helps readers understand the value God placed on women, and why it’s so important for women to unlearn the things that society has shown them regarding their purpose, why they need to establish a healthy relationship with the Creator so He can be your guide. No longer will you feel the need to settle, know who you are, and what is your value in Christ.

Once again, the author has written a short, straightforward guidebook to help readers looking to connect with God and hoping to reap the abundance that is available through that practice. It is all about how women believe and treat themselves, which sets the standard for how others will treat them. Take the journey. Purchase at

CareGivers ScareTakers“CareGivers ScareTakers”

by Jacklyn Ryan

Do you know if your trusted caregiver is ripping off your parents? What can you do to protect your loved ones? How can you find the best qualified caregiver?

Families struggle to find dependable, trusted care. These true stories are but a glimpse that exposes fraud and manipulation by unscrupulous caregivers. Through these stories, you will learn to identify subtle hints that expose a dishonest caregiver. You’ll discover resources, tips on hiring and managing your caregiver, as well as some basic estate planning advice.

More than $37 billion is stolen each year because of the financial exploitation of seniors, according to the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau. Better regulation is needed for in-home care agencies. Raising the bar on caregivers will raise the bar on the quality of care. Purchase at

The Colorless Womb“The Colorless Womb”

by Kimberly Gowdy

Kimberly had always yearned for a child, but after multiple miscarriages, coupled with an unhealthy marriage, she accepted that her plan to become a mother was inconceivable. A painful divorce and a job opportunity opened the door for a fresh start in Atlanta. A chance meeting with her husband-to-be David was a breath of fresh air. They seemingly shared the same goals and dreams, but soon after realized life doesn’t always go as planned.

They entertained the possibility of surrogacy, yet after three failed attempts, and only two embryos left, failure wasn’t an option. Desperation to find the right surrogate led them to the biggest surprise of their lives: an unlikely person who proved to be the perfect match. Purchase at

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