5 Ways to Rev Up Learning Fun With Toy Vehicles

5 Ways to Rev Up Learning Fun With Toy Vehicles

5 Ways to Rev Up Learning Fun With Toy Vehicles

(StatePoint) Vroom, vroom! There’s no doubt about it. Toy vehicles are fun to play with. They’re colorful, interactive and let kids imagine exciting worlds beyond the playroom. They can also be a great way for little ones to learn new things. Here are five ways to rev up the learning fun at home with toy vehicles:

1. Fire up the “STEAM” engine: Using ramps and other homemade racecourse props, kids can learn some elementary principles of engineering and physics. Observe how steeper inclines allow toy cars to accelerate faster and how smoother surfaces prevent friction from slowing them down. There’s a lot to discover while having fun.

2. “Drive” foundational skills: Some toys have built-in learning features, such as the Drop & Go Dump Truck from VTech. This interactive toy truck not only counts each colorful rock it drops into the bucket, helping kids master their 1-2-3s, it also engages budding motor skills, plays melodies and phrases, and teaches tools and colors.

3. Sharing is caring: As with many open-ended toys and games, toy vehicles provide fun opportunities for kids to practice sharing, taking turns and cooperating.

4. Eco-friendly fun: Kids are never too young to learn the importance of taking care of the environment. And when they play with the Sort & Recycle Ride-On Truck, they’re already doing their part. This recycling truck is made from plastic that’s 90% reclaimed, which means less waste goes into landfills. Beginner recyclers can hop on this lean, green recycling machine and drive around while learning about the “Three Rs” –- reducing, reusing and recycling. The red heart, yellow hexagon and blue circle play pieces represent plastic, metal and paper, which kids can sort into the correct bin.

5. New words, new ideas: Playing with cars, trucks and other toy vehicles can introduce kids to a huge list of vocabulary words and new ideas, from car parts and types of construction equipment to words like “beep,” “honk” and “go.” Help bring these concepts to life by playing along with your kids. Learning about the wide world of vehicles might even get the gears turning for some children. Today’s playtime could be tomorrow’s hobby or career.

With interactive toys and creative playtime ideas, kids will be on the fast track to learning fun.