Opinions Page is an open forum for campus



Here at the University of Kentucky, we are part of one Big Blue Nation. We come from all over Kentucky, small towns and big cities alike. We even come from all across the United States and all over the world. However, for one reason or another, we have all chosen to attend UK.

We will not always agree and we might not always get along. With so many students from so many places, we come from diverse social, ethnic and religious backgrounds. However, we share a common campus and  the  goal of becoming a college graduate.

Here on the Kernel Opinions Page, all opinions are respected and welcomed. Whether you are a student, faculty member, alumnus or administrator, your input will always be appreciated.

The Opinions Page gives a forum to the entire UK community. Emotions will be high this year because of the  presidential election. This election will highlight  far-reaching issues,  several of which will affect us  at UK.

When you share your views about any issue, please be respectful of others and their views. I understand that people are  passionate and want what they think is best for our campus, state and nation. Keep in mind that those who disagree with you are not necessarily evil.

The  Opinions Page will not be used as a venue for hate speech.

However, I will publish views whether I agree with them or not. I also know that our readers will not always agree with what I write, and I welcome any challenges to my opinions.

Honest and informed debate is a rare commodity in our society, but I hope this Opinions Page will contain more thoughtful arguments than insults and personal attacks.

I look forward to sharing my opinions with you and  hearing your responses.