New Spider-Man franchise an opportunity for diversity



As many have probably seen by now, Marvel and Sony Pictures announced about a week ago that the “Amazing Spider-Man” franchise starring Andrew Garfield has been canceled as Marvel absorbs the franchise into its cinematic universe.

Marvel and Sony will work on the future of the character together, according to CP Entertainment, which could mean interesting things for the future of our friendly neighborhood webslinger.

The Wall Street Journal reported that the new Spider-Man will appear briefly in 2016’s “Captain America: Civil War” before starring in his own films.

According to Daily Mail, this will move back the dates for every scheduled Marvel film after the new reboot.

“Captain Marvel” and “Black Panther,” both movies that could potentially help fix Marvel movies’ current diversity issues, have therefore been moved back. The “Black Panther” film has been delayed from Nov. 3, 2017 to Jul. 6, 2018, according to The Wrap.

But in re-rebooting the Spider-Man franchise, Marvel and Sony have a shot at fixing half of that if they use the half-African-American, half-Latino, canonical version of Spider-Man in their new movies.

Miles Morales is the new, teenaged Spider-Man in an alternate universe where Peter Parker has died, according to the Marvel Wikia.

Although on paper the character is different in upbringing, background and privilege, Miles Morales appears to carry the motifs that make Spider-Man so popular—the reluctant hero, the hardworking student, the social underdog—in a way that could almost, after two super-recent sets of movies, make the character feel new again.

According to a press release, Doug Belgrad, the president of Sony Pictures Entertainment Motion Picture Group called the “new level of collaboration is the perfect way to take Peter Parker’s story into the future.”

This could be a sly way of trying to quash speculation about the future of the character.

But as superhero movies and comics change to accommodate readers’ needs at a faster and faster rate, using this newer, more interesting character seems to me like the only move that really makes sense.