Double standards are crushing feminism



Men and women who identify as feminists are looked down upon by society, but why is that so? The word by definition is the advocacy of women’s rights on the grounds of political, social and economic equality to men.

So why can’t I label myself as a feminist without being looked down upon? Is it because as a society we have not yet closed the case on double standards? Women have come so far and yet there many double standards  that still need to be confronted before women can even start to get in the same ballpark as men.

Must have a clean/neat home:

Coming from a family of neat freaks, I myself feel the need to have everything in its place. However, society has made a point to shove cleaning supplies, that are not environmentally friendly, down our throat (majorly advertising their products to women). When one walks into a man’s dorm, or a teenage boy’s room, people expect stacks of dirty clothes, trash and dirty dishes to fill the room. When this is pointed out society says, “boys will be boys.” The point I am getting to here is that if I ever keep my bathroom dirty, or dishes in the sink why am I, and women in general, thought of as lazy when men do the same thing and are the status quo?

Being overweight:

As upsetting as it is, America is the country of the overweight. However, the term “dad—bod” has came into popularity in the last year and created the idea that being on the heavier side for men is attractive. Unfortunately the “mom—bod” has not received as much praise, because how would Nike, Abercrombie and Fitch, and Victoria Secret fill their advertisements if curvy women were acceptable in society?

Being blunt or assertive:

While cursing is not “lady-like” and being an opinionated woman is looked down upon, as a society we continue to throw men a golden star for being assertive. When a man is showcasing his assertiveness he is reaffirming his leadership role. On the other hand, when women do such things society encourages them to “sit down and shut up.”

Not having children:

Once women reach a certain age and have not produced children, usually in their 30’s, people start to ask “Why doesn’t she have children? Is she sterile/healthy?” However when men do not have children, they are thought of as living their life how they want and fulfilling their dreams. Childless women are often thought of as selfish and told that they will regret their decision later on down the road. Being a dad is not an essential part of being a man, but women are held to the standard that they must produce children to be a functional part of society.

Having too many sexual partners:

With the increase in STD’s, having too many sexual partners has its risks, but it seems the only number of partners that matters to society is a woman’s. While no one’s number should be a matter of society’s concern, women’s numbers of sexual partners are looked down upon and men’s numbers of sexual partners prove masculinity. Not only should this be squashed, but so should slut-shaming women.

I feel the need that everyone should have the same rights and it sickens me that even as our society is becoming less close—minded, these double standards continue.

A woman should be able to wear whatever she wants without society saying, “she is asking for it.” Maybe one day women will receive the same pay grade as their equal and as a society we can get over the bad connotations associated with the word “feminism.” Feminism is a word that should be celebrated, not hidden in a box in the attic of society.