How to dress babies and toddlers for warm weather


How to dress babies and toddlers for warm weather

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(BPT) – With the season change comes change for kids, too. There’s more time to play outside, new milestones to hit and of course, a new wardrobe to address the changes in weather and their growing bodies.

To help you keep babies and toddlers comfortable during temperature changes, without spending a fortune, here are a few tips for dressing young ones.

Think in Layers

One of the most difficult parts about dressing your baby — or dressing yourself, for that matter — is that the temperature can fluctuate wildly throughout the day. The mornings tend to be cool and crisp, while the afternoons can get hot quickly. To avoid under- or over-dressing, proper layering is essential. Start with a lightweight Onesies® Brand Bodysuit that feels good against baby’s delicate skin. Then, add a pair of baby pants, a long-sleeved shirt and maybe even a lightweight jacket or cardigan. As the temperature heats up, you can peel off layers to keep your little one comfortable.

Another pro tip is to look for savings events, like the Gerber Semi-Annual Sale, as a way to stock up on essentials for the new season. Knowing that kids’ sizes can change as quickly as the temperature, finding options that fit their needs at an affordable price is the best way to dress for success.

Think of Blankets as a Basic

Receiving blankets are a versatile baby item that has many potential uses. For spring, a receiving blanket can be used to cover your little one’s car seat during transport. According to the American Academy of Pediatrics, this is a much safer option than dressing your newborn in bulky clothing, which can make it difficult to keep the car seat harness tight.

A receiving blanket can also be used as added warmth and protection against the elements on outdoor strolls. Simply place the blanket on baby and remove it when the temperatures start heating up.

Warm Their Little Legs

Baby bodysuits are a must-have essential in every baby’s wardrobe, but they don’t cover your baby’s tiny legs. The solution? A cute pair of leggings or pants, of course. For added warmth and style, slip a pair of solid-color pants over a bodysuit with a playful design (think: flowers and cheerful colors). Baby leg warmers are another option worth considering. Consider adding a pair of baby socks to their ensemble to keep their tiny toes warm.

Consider the Right Materials

Fabrics play an important role in keeping kids comfortable. Switch their sleepwear from fleece options to cotton materials and look for dresses, shorts and tees made from lightweight materials like gauze. This will help keep kids cool during the day and at night.