Make the Most of Your March Madness Betting

Make the Most of Your March Madness Betting

Make the Most of Your March Madness Betting

(NewsUSA) – March Madness is here, and more exciting than ever. Even people who don’t bet suddenly find themselves obsessed with the office pool (virtual or in person) or getting in on Uncle Howie’s family pool (and having a better bracket than Aunt Matilda).

But there is another great way to get in on the fun and maximize your March Madness odds. Online sports betting offers unique opportunities not only to bet, but to win and to get paid (a much better deal than getting the I.O.U. from the office or Aunt Matilda).

The best online sportsbooks are those with the most options. BetUS, a pioneer in online sports betting with more than 25 years in the business, provides recreational sports bettors with fun and sophisticated experiences. March Madness is no exception. This year, March Madness betting through an online sportsbook will be even more popular, as fans continue to view more games on a wider range of online devices.

Some of the ways you can enjoy March Madness betting include placing bets on the ultimate tournament winner, as well as betting separately on which teams make the Final Four or Sweet Sixteen.

BetUS allows members to place March Madness predictions on games before they happen, or to place bets live during games. Other options to explore include parlays and round robins, which can result in larger payouts.

Some tips from BetUS experts for picking a winning March Madness betting bracket include:

– Strong schedule. Look for teams that have played others with tough reputations and solid records.

– Winning streaks. There is something to be said for the streak; often when a March Madness team is on a roll, it rides its momentum all the way to the championship.

– Strong record of away game wins. Many March Madness games are played on the road, and a team that can adapt to new settings has an advantage.

Don’t miss the extra benefits to be found on BetUS: friend referral bonuses, and also the BetUS loyalty program, which helps you get the most from each wager.

“For every real-money sportsbook wager you make, you will earn points. As you acquire points you will progress through the six tiers of BetUS Rewards, with each tier unlocking more exclusive rewards. The more you play, the more you will be rewarded,” says Tim Williams, Director of Public Relations for BetUS.

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