Lexington brewpub to open Thursday

Photo provided by Nathan Harrison. Life Brewpub is located at 2628 Richmond Road in Lexington. 

Jamilyn Hall

Those who love beer, or just food in general, should mark their calendars for this Thursday as the brewery Life Brewpub will be serving food with their brews, which will make the business a brewpub.

According to Life Brewpub Owner and Head Brewer Nathan Harrison, a brewpub must serve 51 percent food sales to be classified as such in Lexington.

“We are going to utilize local food when possible, and be using Kentucky Proud products,” Harrison said. “We will offer something different that is not just downtown based.”

Harrison wanted the business to be located on Richmond Road because of the road being the second busiest in Lexington. Not only did Harrison want to open a business he could see himself enjoying as a customer that was well-rounded, but he wanted it to be different from the other local breweries by serving breakfast, lunch and dinner seven days a week.   

“I’ve always loved food, and once I got older I loved beer as well,” Harrison said. “I felt like Lexington was far behind in the brewpub scene, since we will be the first ones opening up as a true brewpub.”

Another major point for Harrison opening the brewpub was having a family-friendly brewery in Lexington.

“We are kind of focusing more on a family-friendly environment and appealing to people who just want to come out and get a beer, or another drink since we will have a whole bar as well,” Harrison said.

Life Brewpub will have entrees like omelets and biscuits and gravy for breakfast, and the same menu for lunch and dinner including items from gluten-free and vegetarian options to house-made bratwurst. Also according to Harrison, all of the coffee will be freshly roasted in-house.

“This is a unique concept for Lexington,” Harrison said. “We are going to make our own mustards and for our breakfast we have some family-owned recipes, like that of the tomato gravy. We will also be using my mother’s cheesecake recipe for dessert.”

The grand opening is at 2628 Richmond Road in Lexington on Thursday from 4 p.m. to 10 p.m.