University of Cincinnati examines banner

By News Staff

The University of Cincinnati released a statement to its faculty and staff on Thursday in regards of a “tasteless” and “misogynistic” banner that was hung outside an off campus residence. The banner was directed towards parents dropping of their daughters for move-in and read, “Your daughter got a gag reflex?” 

A current student at UC shared the photo of the residence with the banner on the University of Cincinnati’s Facebook page, with the caption “2729 Stratford avenue is riddled with misogynists, I hope the university swiftly disciplines the residents #UCWelcome16.” 

The post has since received much attention on social media, with over 1,300 shares and over 350 comments.   

A compliant was made on Aug. 21 to the UC’s Title IX office and the office of Student Conduct and Community Standards. The Title IX office is responsible for making sure the campus upholds nondiscriminatory behaviors on the basis of sex, where the office of Student Conduct and Community Standards makes sure the university’s values are upheld, overall.

The banner has since been brought down. The university’s student government is hoping the campus will work together to prevent this from happening again.