#HurtBae rehashes pains of young love

Kristian Dudgeon

Popular lifestyle website, “The Scene,” sparked a huge topic of conversation when it released a controversial video on Valentine’s Day. 

The now viral video, known across the internet as #HurtBae, shows a heart-wrenching conversation between exes Kourtney and Leonard, who discuss the cheating that plagued their relationship until its end.

The former couple share the story of how they met in college and the events leading up to their relationship. Then, the conversation plummets.

“What did you do?” Kourtney asks.

“I had sex with other girls,” Leonard replies with a straight face. “I did everything.” 

For nearly seven minutes, viewers witness a visibly heartbroken young woman and her ex converse about the frequency, motivation and nature of his perpetual infidelity while dating her. At one point, Kourtney leaves the room to regain her composure. Meanwhile, Leonard continues to sit, stoic and unbothered. 

When the conversation resumes, Leonard gives one of the most stinging comments of the entire video. 

“There was kind of a point where things weren’t the same,” he said. “You would always go through my phone, or my computer… If you would go to that measure to find whatever, why wouldn’t you just leave?”

Some have criticized the participants of #HurtBae for airing their business for the masses to see, while others have supported and respected their candor. 

In reality, #HurtBae is much bigger than all of that, because it mirrors so many issues surrounding young love today.

There are young men who knowingly enter relationships that they don’t want to be in, or are not ready to handle. There are young women who allow themselves to be disrespected and taken advantage of by immature partners. Sometimes, women are the transgressors and men are on the receiving end. 

#HurtBae also had all the ingredients of a “situationship,” or a relationship in which there are so few displays of love, trust and respect that the two parties seem to be tolerating a situation rather than nurturing a partnership. 

Some young adults are ready for serious and healthy relationships, but have lost hope for finding love at their age. #HurtBae gives some validity to their argument; trying to find someone who is not playing games can quickly feel like searching for a needle in a haystack. 

So, to those reading this, take a moment to honestly ask yourself where you fit on the spectrum. Whether you find that your position is good or bad, take responsibility for it. Yes, everyone makes mistakes. But acknowledge that if the same mistake keeps happening, then at that point they become decisions, not accidents. 

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