Building a Bucket List


Bucket list

Morgan Garrett

A bucket list is one of the best ways to jot down your dreams and plans for travel so that you can access them when you start to plan for a trip! There are so many ways to build a bucket list, but there are several things to keep in mind when you do:

  1. Make sure to leave enough space to add to. You never know when you’ll sprout an idea and want to add it to your bucket list.
  2. Dream big but don’t make it impossible. Big travel plans are wonderful until you realize you will never make it happen. Keep your dreams big but remember to make it feasible so you don’t feel like you’re never accomplishing anything on the list.
  3. Add a time line if you like. If there is a particular set of things you want or need to do before a certain age, set a limit like a “Before you turn 30” bucket list.
  4. Organize your list into themes to make it less cluttered – travel in the US, restaurants to try, etc.
  5. Invest in a good, pretty, inspiriting journal to make you want to add to it!
  6. Create a key so that you know which activities you’ve done, have on your schedule, or have removed from your list.
  7. Remember just about anything can go on your bucket list, not just travel!

One thing I have found that helped me create my bucket list was brainstorming a list of things I want to do and writing them down as a rough draft first. Once I had about 25 things on my list, I added them to my overall bucket list in my nice journal so that I didn’t have so many lines crossing things out.

Another approach I’ve begun to take to my travel bucket list is to create a new page in my journal for every country on the planet in alphabetical order. Within each country page I have listed main cities, events, festivals, landmarks and foods I want to try. I like this idea because when I am starting to plan a trip I simply have to go to that country page and find the things that would be best for me to see and do.

If you don’t like that idea, nor do you want just a list of things to do without detail, here’s another suggestion: if you have a journal big enough to fit all of your plans, making a page for each activity might be for you. The heading of the page is the activity or location you plan to see or do. Under that, you can answer questions like:

  • Why I want to do this
  • What are my expectations for this activity/place?
  • How was it (to fill in after you do it!)?
  • Date you completed it
  • Challenges you may face trying to do this
  • Financial obligations required for this activity
  • Random facts or memories from your experience.

This type of bucket list is a great way to make your activities and travels interactive. You don’t just list things you want to do or places you want to see, as it makes you really think about why you want to do it. It also gives you a way to remain creative and active with your bucket list journaling before, during, and after.

Remember, this is YOUR journal of plans. These are things YOU want to see and do, so make your bucket list your own! It can be as minimal or decorative as you like and as long as it makes you happy and you follow through with your plans, you have been successful! For more tips, tricks, questions, or inspirations feel free to contact me at: [email protected] and make sure to include “bucket list” in the subject line!