8 Apps You Should Never Travel Without

Kristina Rosen

With only a month left in the semester, summer is right around the corner. Save time and take the stress out of your summer travels with these eight apps that are a necessity for your next trip!

Gas Buddy: find the cheapest gas

With Gas Buddy, users use their GPS location, or search by address or zip code to locate the lowest-price gas stations in their area. Filter the search choices by price, brand, and amenities like food and restrooms.

Waze: wave goodbye to unforeseen traffic

This app provides real-time traffic and road information. Users receive alerts about accidents, construction, speed traps and other hazards that may cause a delay in their trip. Other features include instant routing changes, an estimated arrival time based on live traffic data, and the best part: choose from a variety of voices to guide your trip.

Citymapper: the ultimate transit app

Make cities easier to navigate with Citymapper. Find the fastest route in certain cities whether it’s by car, bus, train, subway, foot, or Uber. The app provides step by step directions for navigating a new or foreign city, and sends alerts when there are delays in transportation.

Citymapper is available in many international cities as well as major US cities like NYC, Chicago, D.C., L.A., and more. Citymapper coordinates with local transportation to provide up-to-date transit schedules and information about delays in transportation. 

PackPoint: your packing guru

With PackPoint, simply create a trip profile and the app will provide a customized checklist of travel essentials to pack. Your trip profile includes your destination, length of stay, and reason for travel. It even suggests the type and amount of clothing to bring based on the weather conditions.

TripAdvisor: the ultimate guide to the best whereabouts (hotels, restaurants, and attractions)

Available not only on iPhone or Android, but also online, TripAdvisor provides millions of reviews on hotels, restaurants and attractions worldwide. Search for nearby destinations, explore restaurants filtered by food type, price or rating. Since TripAdvisor is (crowdsourced), you can add your own reviews, posts and images on the places you’ve visited.

Roomer: last-minute hotel reservations

This app is a lifesaver when plans fall through. Through Roomer, you can book last-minute hotel rooms at great discounts based on other Roomer users who’ve canceled their trip. Also, if you’re unable to use a hotel reservation, you can sell it to other users rather than lose money on cancellation fees.

TripIt: organize all your travel plans in one place

Next time you plan a trip, forward all confirmation emails to the [email protected], and the app will organize all your reservations into one place. Your detailed, master itinerary is accessible on any device, and the app allows you to update your travel plans at any time.

Hopper: know when to fly and buy

Hopper predicts when flights will be the cheapest and tells you exactly when to buy. Simply enter your trip details into the app and follow Hopper’s recommendations. If the app tells you to wait to purchase flight tickets, it’ll send you notifications when flights are the cheapest. If the app tells you to buy, you’re able to book within minutes.