Cleveland-based band The Village Bicycle to perform at The Burl today


Image provided by The Village Bicycle

Rebecca Feigin

The Village Bicycle, a Cleveland-based band with a mix of rock and roll, pop and electronic music, are performing at The Burl this Wednesday, Nov. 15.

This Wednesday will not only be The Village Bicycle’s first time performing in Lexington, but their first time in Lexington, period. They are looking forward to seeing a new city as well as meeting the other bands they are performing with on Wednesday night. This is one stop on their current tour through ten cities.

“My favorite part of tour is playing everyday for sure, that’s the best,” said bassist Tyren “Ty” Craemer.

The members try to give the show their all and be as entertaining as they can be, they said.

The Village Bicycle plays all different types of songs ranging from fun and exciting to slower and more serious. At the end of their set, they hope the audience leaves wanting more.

“We want them to know that we care about what we’re doing and that we have something to say and are putting our everything into the music,” Craemer said.

“We pack a punch,” said Karah Vance, keys player.

The band stays true to its music and feels very strongly that each song is special in its own way.

“They fit really well together as a whole, but they each have their own personality and quirks,” Craemer said. “There’s reason to love all of them.”

The concert starts at 8:30 pm on Wednesday night, so be sure to get there early to avoid missing any songs. If you would like to check them out ahead of time, head over to their bandcamp to give them a listen.