Cyclebar classes ensure a full-body workout

Belle Kendrick

Whoever thought that cycling classes only consisted of leg movements, step away and take a swing at Cyclebar classes. These classes include a mix of both arms, legs and core to ensure a full-body, cardio workout for those participating.

With a new Cyclebar location recently opening in the Lexington area, many students and cycling lovers have taken their exercises to The Summit at Fritz Farm. The indoor cycling studio provides a full body and exciting workout for all ages and fitness levels to enjoy.

After attending a hip-hop cycling class, I felt both rejuvenated and tired from the 50-minute workout. The class consisted of mostly legs, but there were added components of using arms and incorporating your abs into the workout.

Cyclebar produces an enjoyable and manageable experience for all ages. No matter what fitness level you are at, the instructor guides you throughout your workout and will motivate you to work as hard as possible.

Cycling is proven to help your joints and muscle strength and improves your cardiovascular functions. There are many more benefits to cycling, which goes to show that everyone should try it at least once.

Hannah Busroe, a cycling instructor at the Johnson Center, listed some of the many benefits that cycling offers. She stressed that cycling is a great cardio workout that helps improve your joint movements.

“Cycling is for cardio endurance,” Busroe said. “This helps your heart health and impacts your overall health too.”

One of the best things about cycling is that the bikes are made for everyone, no matter what size you are. If you begin cycling to reach different fitness goals, you are in complete control of your workout as well. Although there is an instructor to motivate you, you can pace yourself to what is most comfortable for you.

Cyclebar was an enjoyable experience for me because the class was an intense workout, but it was also an energetic and fun environment. With the help of the instructor, I was able to push myself to reach my own goals while also having a good time.

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