Underground Formal hosted for third consecutive year


The Underground Formal will be on Friday, March 2, at the Woodford Reserve Club.

Star Robertson

Student Activities Board, Underground Perspective and The Elite List will be hosting the third annual Underground Formal this year.

Underground Formal is planned to be a prom for college students and a chance for everyone to dress up and have fun. Many students dress up in their old prom outfits or even buy new outfits to see who will be best dressed. For many, prom was a special night filled with excitement and fun, so another chance at that is appreciated by most.  The theme this year is masquerade, and students are asked to dress formally.

“I think it’s done well, it’s literally a big party at the football stadium,” said Elite List member Aaron Porter. “That’s pretty cool. The purpose of formal is to give students a chance to have fun, get all dressed up, and enjoy themselves. From our side it takes a lot. We do the camera work, interviews, social media and even some photography for the event. So getting the people and equipment takes some work.”

During the event, members of the Elite List will conduct interviews in a red carpet style setting. Destiny Witherspoon, president of the Elite List, explained how the interviews will work.

“So the first year, we asked to do red carpet interviews at formal because that’s what we do,” Witherspoon said. “When you get off the elevator at the Woodford reserve room you will be met by my team who have prepared fun questions about outfit inspirations, former prom experiences, expectations for the night and more. We have a camera crew and three interviewers who try to capture all the anticipation and fun of the night.”

Underground Formal is also an opportunity for students of all different background to come together and have fun. This year, formal will be hosted at the Woodford Reserve, in Kroger Field, a neutral location where all students will feel comfortable. This event is for UK students, but others are allowed as guests of current students.

According to the official statement on the SAB website, “Here at the University of Kentucky, we encourage diversity throughout our student body. Therefore, what better way to initiate this then to provide an enchanting night of unity and expression through The Underground Formal. This event is an opportunity for many students from different backgrounds to gather together to experience one special night of fun, music, and dancing.”

SAB, Elite List and Underground Perspective have been working hard to produce advertising materials for around campus and on social media. SAB created its signature lawn signs and posters to place around campus. Elite List has created online flyers to post on its official social media page and for members to advertise. Underground Perspective has created a unique series of video advertisements including members of the organization talking about their experience at last year’s formal or things to expect this year.

“I had fun last year, it was a blast, and I’m very excited for this year,” said Elite List member Noah Robbins. “I helped set up and worked the event so I know it will be amazing.”

Underground Formal will take place from 9 p.m. to 12 a.m. on March 2. For more information, visit all three organizations’ social media pages.