Girlsgirlsgirls Burritos moves to South Limestone

Girlsgirlsgirls Burritos is open at its new storefront at 395 South Limestone.

Alex Wittner

Burrito lovers can now find a local favorite, female-run restaurant at its first permanent location. Girlsgirlsgirls Burritos relocated to Noodles and Company’s previous storefront at 395 South Limestone.

Heading just into their second year of business, owners Sara “Swoodie” Wood and her best friend, Wade Hancock, are excited to be getting their own storefront.

The pair started their burrito business in June 2016 in Best Friend Bar on Euclid Avenue. After feeding happy customers and generating enough buzz to establish their own storefront, they decided to go independent. 

Girlsgirlsgirls started as friends working together with a love for bicycles and food. The staff used to work in kitchens as bartenders, waitresses, artists and musicians. They were all employees at Stella’s Kentucky Deli when they started thinking about opening a place together. Once Wood saw the “help” sign in Best Friend Bar, the idea fell into place.

“When we were deciding on the idea, we were making burritos one night for dinner, and it was an automatic match,” Wood said.

After finding success within Best Friend Bar, the girls realized they were maxing out their kitchen space and needed something bigger.

“We really want to fully invest in ourselves, and we grew out of our current kitchen,” Wood said.

As friends and bicycle enthusiasts, the staff is most excited about the new store being completely bicycle-friendly. Wood said that they ride their bicycles everywhere, and even deliveries are done on bicycles.

“We are all bicyclists, and that’s a big part of what we do,” Wood said.

Customers can ride all the way up to the front door, walk through the store and right out the back if they please. The staff is also excited about the pet-friendly patio.

Moving to a new area comes with new territory. For girlsgirlsgirls, it’s about being closer to college students.

“We love the campus community. I went to UK myself,” Wood said.

While girlsgirlsgirls already does catering for UK clubs and events, the staff is excited to be even closer to all the action. Girlsgirlsgirls plans to add student necessities into the store for customer convenience. They are going to be adding coffee to the menu, as well as having a retail section with notebooks, pencils and anything else someone might need for class. 

Girlsgirlsgirls Burritos is open for business at its new location. The owners also shared that within a few months they will acquire their beer license and will also be offering beer delivery.