‘Sexiest woman in showbiz’ brought a weekend of laughs to Lexington


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Catherine McLaurin

On Wednesday night at the Lexington Center Mall, Etta May was introduced as “the sexiest woman in show business.” As a comedian traveling to Comedy Off Broadway, the newly turned 50-year-old woman addressed all the unappealing topics that relate to a middle-aged couple.

From 7:15-9:45 p.m. the Kentucky native took the microphone to present the comical details of her life experience. While introduced as “the sexiest woman in show business” the comedian added, “Drink ‘til I’m pretty.” Off Broadway Comedy requires audience members to be 18 years or older for admission.

The mother of four addressed birthdays, the pains of children, gaining weight and experiences with Weight Watchers while receiving plenty of laughs from the crowd. May holds talent in making jokes on the environment around her. While her jokes definitely cater more to older couples, the younger members of the audience enjoyed the humor and interacted with May.

At least two UK students, Chloe Hixon and Claire Hallock, were in the crowd. Hixson enjoyed May’s southern humor and mentioned “the show would definitely fit a night out” with her mom. Hallock drew a different opinion on the southern comedian.

“She [Etta May] had a lot to say to me, I loved how she interacted with the different audience,” Hallock said.

May sold her Lexington knowledge with her southern accent and mention of her favorite staples within the city, such as Keeneland and the drive-through Krispy Kreme on Richmond Road. She made sure to add blunt comments along the topics of the colder weather and tailgating season.

May provided entertainment for the weekend and a good laugh, with her last performance in Lexington concluding on Oct. 20. For those who didn’t get the chance to see her performance in person, the outspoken comedian also offers CDs, DVDs, and T-shirts on her website. The highest price of these items was $20, making a great contender for stocking stuffers this holiday season.

In the future, May plans on returning to Lexington. While May briefly mentioned that she enjoys the city of Lexington, she has already made plans for a return. During March 2019, May has scheduled a return to the Lexington Center Mall and Off Broadway Comedy Club for the continuation of her tour.