Breakout Games introduces new, colorful concept


Color Chaos is a branch from Breakout Games, a popular gaming experience in Lexington.

Julia Price

Color Chaos is Lexington’s newest interactive entertainment experience that gathers participants together with friends and family for a game that will test a variety of their skills.

Breakout Games is a popular company here in Lexington, so much so that UK has hosted its own variation of the game for students in the past. The company also just so happens to be the parent company of Color Chaos. Although they relate from each other, they’re both very different.

Unlike Breakout Games, the goal of Color Chaos is not to escape a room. Instead, participants will be competing in five different rooms, each containing a different challenge, that all come together to make up the Color Chaos experience.

In the first room, all players will work together to guide a digital ball of paint through a series of courses, testing one’s hand-eye coordination, communication skills and ability to work with others.

Flexibility is key when playing the second mini-game, which forces players to bend and twist in order to navigate a series of laser mazes and collect points to go towards the group’s final score.

The third room will give groups the chance to test their knowledge in a game-show style quiz.

Attentiveness is very important when it comes to the fourth room where participants will be racing around to freeze columns of light. It’s similar to freeze-tag but with a cool twist.

Finally, the fifth and last room is the one best known for giving Color Chaos its name. Players will gear up in hazmat suits to fly a virtual plane. The goal is to fly the plane through a series of rings in order to fill a paint cannon with glowing, neon-colored paint. The better the team flies, the more colorful players will end up when it’s over.

These rooms come together to make for an hour-long, unforgettable experience with a team of two to six people. A bonus is that it’s also a private experience, so there are no worries about having to be paired with strangers.

“It was so much fun! I went with a couple of friends and we all had a blast. I’d play again for sure,” said Sam Hoover, a Color Chaos participant.

Also, unlike Breakout Games, phones are permitted, which gives participants the choice to take their own photos. And just like roller coaster rides, Color Chaos will be taking photos of players as well.

Color Chaos has been open for about a month, and they’ve had great business so far. Because the business is related to and located near Breakout Games, it seems to have a loyal following.

“Our favorite compliment so far is, ‘this totally beat all of my expectations,’” said Breakout Games Director of Marketing Cassie Dilly.

Color Chaos is located at 309 N Ashland Ave Suite 120, Lexington, KY 40502. Prices range from $33.99 to $24.99 per person. The more people in a group, the lower the price is.

“We just really want to drive home that this is unlike anything else. It’s a brand-new concept,” said Dilly.