Annual Young Artist Competition calling for submissions


Akhira Umar

Calling all artists! It’s time yet again for the annual Young Artist Competition.

For the seventh year, the Student Activities Board will be hosting its competition for all young artists here at UK. Students have the chance to win an art supply shopping spree and an opportunity for their artwork to be displayed for all to see.

The Young Artist Competition has a history dating back to the old student center. The Director of Cultural Arts was charged with bringing professional art exhibitions to showcase in Risdell gallery. It was then thought of to showcase hopeful professionals’ art along with the professional, said Katie Creech, current director of cultural arts for SAB.

“The purpose of the competition is to give students a chance to display their work. It’s also very encouraging to a young artist who is just starting out to be put into an exhibition,” Creech said.

By “young artist,” Creech means anyone who considers themselves to be an artist. Though this is a competition of the arts, that doesn’t mean entries can only come from those majoring in the arts. Creech said there have been a variety of students who have entered, with the average number of submissions being 20 to 30 per year.

Not only do the students who enter vary, but so does the art they submit.

“To my knowledge, most of the work has been 2D and under the ‘Fine Art’ category, and a few sculptures,” Creech said. “There really hasn’t been a certain theme among the artwork, we always get a variety of subject matter! However, I am hoping we get a few digital media or performance submissions this year!”

Like any other art competition, students are given the chance to submit a portfolio to be judged and potentially awarded. A panel of art professors from the School of Art and Visual Studies will choose which pieces go on display while also choosing an overall winner to award a $500 scholarship for Michael’s Arts and Crafts. Two other artists have the chance to win via audience choice and receive a $300 scholarship.

Megan Lo was one of the latter winners of last year’s competition. While students this year are able to enter up to 15 pieces, Lo only entered four, all of which went on display. Lo said although she had been making art for as long as she could remember and she was always confident in her abilities, she wanted to see where she stood against others. So when she was announced as one of the winners, it was a rewarding experience.

“I was ecstatic,” Lo said. “I didn’t want to set my expectations too high as it was a very real possibility that I’d go home with nothing but the experience. I was grateful for the support and proud of my ability to create art that people enjoyed.”

Those interested in entering the competition should go to and fill out the Young Artist Competition form. All competitors will then fill out a questionnaire, provide an artist statement and a statement explaining how the scholarship would further their creative process, and submit a portfolio of up to 15 art pieces.

The gallery reception will be held from 6 to 8 p.m. on March 20 in the School of Art and Visual Studies atrium. At that time, the three winners of the competition will be announced. All artwork will remain on display for one week after the reception, where they will then be picked up by their artists.