Underground Formal hosts fourth year of ‘prom’ experience


The Student Center Ballroom was filled with students celebrating the fourth annual Underground Formal.

Kamilah Williams

The Student Activities Board, Underground Perspective, the MLK Center, the Office of LGBTQ* Resources and the Elite List gave students a chance to go back to prom as a college student. On March 1 from 8 to 11 p.m. in the Student Center Ballroom, students slipped on their best suits and dresses and got red carpet ready for a night that they wouldn’t forget.

“I’m here to have a good time before I buckle down and study for midterms,” said UK junior, Vince Clark.

Underground Formal is in its fourth year here at UK, and it gives many students from different backgrounds a place to come together and experience one special night of fun, food and dancing. With the creation coming from Underground Perspective’s founders, the Underground Formal has music from different cultures and allows students to express their culture through dance, fashion and music. DJ Warren Peace controlled music for the event, keeping up with all the students’ music requests. Peace played popular music from artists like Cardi B to older artists such as Whitney Houston.

“It was my birthday so that’s why I wanted to come out. It was lit,” said freshman Gabe Savage.

This event took two months to prepare for, with SAB and UGP meeting weekly to discuss how the event was going to happen. From security, decorations, to even the food, plenty was discussed about how this event was going to happen. For one UGP member, a lot took place on the day of.

“It took me all day to get ready, from 9 a.m. until 7 p.m., with nails, hair, makeup and getting dressed,” said Briana Garmon, UGP director of promotions.

SAB, UGP and Elite List promoted the event through Twitter, Facebook and multiple posters scattered around campus. Members of UGP and Elite List promoted the event to the students on and off campus to ensure the highest attendance at the event. This gave many students a reason to come to this event.

“This event is prom, an experience that not every student has had the opportunity to partake in or enjoy in a UK kind of way,” said Cady Barbour, director of pop culture for SAB. “It’s a come as you are, dance until you drop, smile until your cheeks hurt kind of event. An all-inclusive night of glamour.”