Late night near-campus Crumzz to re-open with revamped menu, interior


A sign advertises the soon to be opened Crumzz Bar & Grill in Lexington, Kentucky. Photo by Jordan Prather | Staff

Kaitlyn Skaggs

On the corner of South Limestone and Avenue of Champions sits a bar and grill that has been under a quiet hiatus since the middle of last May.

The outside of Crumzz Bar & Grill might look the same, but the inside and food have undergone improvements in order to draw in new and old customers.

Expected to re-open to the public this month, Crumzz will return with new management, new employees, a new menu and a completely new way of approaching the entertainment and food needs of University of Kentucky students.

UK alum Laith Hattar, owner of Crumzz Bar & Grill and part of graduating class of 2015, is a firm believer in serving students and surrounding community members of UK the best he can.

“I just love campus, I love everything around here, and I just want to provide something I thought it was missing to UK and the block,” Hattar said.

Crumzz also has gained a new partner/manager by the name of Amir Shalash who is well established in the Lexington community, owns several barbers shops, and runs a non-profit organization called Books and Barbers for underprivileged kids.

“Furthering myself as an entrepreneur is something I am very excited about,” Shalash said. “I know what it takes to run a successful and safe environment for all of the students to enjoy. I wish to bring an upscale restaurant and bar to the table.”

The bar and grill originally closed in anticipation of the decreasing influx of customers during the summer, a time where many restaurants surrounding and on the UK campus lose business they normally have during the school year. Now the restaurant is opening back up with a completely new menu and way of serving its customers.

“It will be like a grilled cheese bar,” Hattar said. “There will be different types of sandwiches like buffalo chicken, all that stuff.”

Instead of hiring servers students are expected to tip, a new way of ordering food will be implemented as well. In order to save customers money there will be a walk up window, no tipping required, to decrease the price of their bill drastically.

“We’re redesigning the interior and changing the menu up to bring in more business,” chef Ali Rashid said.

Something that sets apart Crumzz from its competitors is how it plans to run, Hattar said. Unlike other nearby bars, Crumzz will not be exclusive to those old enough to drink at night. Crumzz aims to target an audience with a passion for sports, good food and fun on game nights and weeknights.

In terms of the nearby student center, Hattar knows how to provide something it doesn’t have.

“The (Gatton) Student Center kind of affected us at first, but we’re trying to find our niche,” Hattar said. “We’re trying to get something that you don’t have to be at school to come here… the student center is cheap but we’re trying to be cheap like them and provide good food to the students.”

UK sophomore Ben Bowling showed enthusiasm for Crumzz’s reopening saying that the new menu “sounds really awesome.”

Bowling lives in Holmes Hall and is a Resident Adviser. He goes on many midnight snack runs to surrounding restaurants, and with Crumzz on the playing field, he thinks their grilled cheese might make him stray away from his usual destinations.

Crumzz will be open from 11 a.m. to 2:30 a.m. six days a week.