How Playtime Can Teach Important Values

Toys with charitable connections teach kids to help others.

Toys with charitable connections teach kids to help others.

(StatePoint) Playtime is not only fun, it can also be an opportunity to teach children important values and help them learn to give back. Here are three ideas for infusing a philanthropic mindset into fun.

Eco-Friendly Play

There are a number of ways to promote environmental stewardship through eco-friendly play. Try making homemade toys out of upcycled materials and explain how you are reducing your impact on the environment. Play a board game that educates children about endangered species, climate change or threats to habitats. Finally, boost kids’ appreciation for nature by getting outdoors for playtime. 

Toys That Give Back

Shop with toy brands that give back. Doing so can be a good way to teach children the importance of helping others in need. For example, Breyer, the world’s leading brand of horse-inspired toys is a proud partner of Covenant House, an organization that provides food, shelter, crisis care and other support for young adults experiencing homelessness in the United States, Canada and Latin America.

Every year, Breyer features a themed limited-edition Horse of the Year, and this year, that horse is “Hope, the 2021 Freedom Series Horse of the Year.” Splashed with shades of purple, turquoise, pink and gold, the markings on her coat reveal hidden images and the word “Hope.” Available at specialty retailers, Amazon and, for every Hope purchased, Breyer is donating $1 to Covenant House to care for youth facing homelessness and give them hope to keep moving forward.

Crafting With Intention

Many elderly Americans experience loneliness, particularly those who live alone or away from family. However, knowing there are people out there who are thinking of them can help combat some of those feelings of isolation. With that in mind, consider turning your child’s next crafting session into a force for good. From beaded necklaces to watercolors, your child’s beautiful artwork can be made into a gift that brightens someone’s day. While some nursing homes are still limiting visits, you can arrange to drop off your goodies or even become a pen pal with a resident.

With a little creativity, instilling values of generosity and kindness in your children can happen anytime, even during play.


Photo Credit: (c) Breyer