Rap show will be missed by viewers who seek good music

Column by Wesley Robinson For me the worst part about growing up is losing all the things that have brought me entertainment in my early years. Music, sports and The Simpsons will always provide regular entertainment until I die. The Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, American Gladiators and Marvel and DC Comics have come back revamped […]

Money is good, but safety must be top priority

Fighting rarely leads to anything positive. But this weekend, at the second annual Fight Night, blood, sweat, bruised knuckles and egos all went to benefit a greater cause. According to a Kernel article Monday, 30 amateur fighters from different UK fraternities took part in Fight Night, an event hosted by Sigma Chi and Alpha Delta […]

Teaching program offers students a unique opportunity

The recent selection of Barack Obama signaled to the world that the young people of America are ready for a change. However, no matter how much we desire change, it will continue to be handicapped in America until we fix our educational system. A significant portion of our citizens, minorities and low-income households, in particular, […]

Meal plan forum a positive step to effect change

Student Government and UK Dining Services should be commended for hosting a forum last week to address the fledgling meal plan. But it is unfortunate that they cannot make changes to the plan during the school year. We would like to take time and remind SG and Dining Services that they are here to serve […]

Republicans had their time, now they must adjust to the Democrats

Column by Tim Riley There are many different levels of losing. Sometimes your opponent barely pulls out the victory at the last moment. Other times, the defeat is so complete it requires a re-evaluation of the entire game plan. When Barack Obama was elected to the presidency, the Republican Party not only lost an election, […]

Choose over-the-counter drugs wisely

Column by Jordan Covvey One of my favorite jobs at the pharmacy where I work is helping our patients navigate the over-the-counter section. I’ll admit that the endless shelves of drugs are somewhat intimidating. People have questions about how many vitamins to take, what cream is best for this itch and that rash and whether […]

Advertisement sent the wrong message to students

Being a health promotion master’s student, I fully condone and encourage sexuality education, and I believe that promoting the proper use of contraception is a significant part of that education. I was, however, stunned to see the Durex advertisement in Thursday’s Kernel. There were a number of things that I found objectionable about the advertisement: […]