Develop a relationship with your pharmacist this month

When most people think of October, they think of fall, midterms and Halloween. The fact that October is American Pharmacist Month is probably not at the top of many of their lists of exciting things that happen in October. However, as students in the UK College of Pharmacy, we are excited about American Pharmacist Month […]

SG instrumental in many Greenthumb initiatives

David Rempfer’s column in Monday’s Kernel admonishing Student Government’s entire purpose provoked this student to respond. I am also a fourth-year student at this university and became actively involved in the student-led environmental group Greenthumb my sophomore year. Any avid reader of the Kernel should be aware of Greenthumb’s continual efforts to implement a small […]

State Senate candidates set examples for others to follow

Column by Jacob Sims A lot of times in a presidential campaign, we get caught up in the national scene. We see the tribulations that are presented before us such as the economy, illegal immigration, the War on Terror, energy and others and become interested in what our national government and presidential candidates plan on […]

Obama would lead our nation with pride

Column by Wesley Robinson It is nearly impossible to overstate the significance of what will happen next Tuesday if Sen. Barack Obama is elected as president of the United States. Obama has a lead in most polls heading into the election. Obama is more than a symbolic figurehead representing true political change in America. As […]

Leaky building should’ve been fixed already

Well this certainly isn’t where that 9 percent tuition increase is going. Leaks in the roof of the Thomas Poe Cooper Building, which houses the forestry department on its first and second floor, have destroyed $60,000 worth of computers and equipment, according to a Kernel article on Monday. The most amazing part about this whole […]

Sorority should look out for safety of all members

Suppose a loved one was choking but you weren’t allowed to dial the police because it was too early in the morning. Imagine seeing a person drowning in a pool but you couldn’t ask for the lifeguard’s assistance because he had just eaten. These scenarios don’t seem to make much sense. Why then is there […]