Apologies for column about Greeks

Column by Zachary Kiser In my column last week I discussed the Greek system here on campus and my opinions of it. Many of you have written the Kernel and even contacted me through Facebook in an attempt to share your opinions on my column. In the week since my column ran, I have had […]

Program offers rare opportunity for UK students

There’s little doubt this university is a great institution for higher learning. Why else would we be here? There’s always room for improvement, but we would like to believe we all attend one of the country’s best universities. That doesn’t mean, however, that we shouldn’t branch out and experience new places. This university has plenty […]

Focus of Obama’s election should not be his race

Within the past two centuries, slavery has been abolished, blacks have been given the right to vote and segregation has ended. Now, for the first time in history, a non-Caucasian man has just been elected to our nation’s highest office. These events demonstrate the true racial equality for which American citizens are striving. However, it […]

Obama will work for sustainability

Column by Taylor Shelton The election of senators Barack Obama and Joe Biden to the offices of the presidency and vice-presidency mean many things for Americans and for the rest of the world. Among those things is the end of the war on science that has been waged by the Bush administration for the past […]

New building is still excessive

Apparently we should praise the Webbs for finally consulting the community about the design of CentrePointe. The company announced they have received feedback from the community. After concealing the project for two years, should anyone be impressed by any effort by the company in charge of this monstrosity that will soon take over downtown Lexington? […]

Students must use extra library hours

Three weeks after restoring W.T. Young Library’s hours back to a 24/5 operating schedule, it looks like the library administration and critics of the change may be correct for their original position on closing the library. After threats of a sit-in, several forums and students voicing their disapproval with the change, the library’s gates only […]

Smoking survey results should be questioned

Anything that helps lower the number of smokers in the state, whether it be public service announcements that actually work or rising costs preventing people from buying more cigarettes, is commendable. So a recent study by the UK College of Nursing that reported an 11 percent drop in college smokers since 1990 is a great […]