Youth increased voting numbers, but not enough

The youth of America are known for having passionate viewpoints splattered creatively across T-shirts, posters, Myspace profiles and YouTube videos. What they are not known for is showing up at the polls. But this election was supposed to be different, early predictions said. This election, the youth of America was going to care. And they […]

An open letter to my father: You’ll take your own advice some day

Column by Andrew Waldner Dear Dad, ­ I know you find my Democratic ideas silly and immature. You always say, “One day you’ll be a Republican, just wait and see.” But I don’t think you understand. I don’t think you understand my beliefs and I don’t think you understand the actualities of your own party. […]

Let officials know your stance on drinking age

With politics now on everyone’s mind, it may be a good time to resurface an unsettled issue in our state. Kentucky is one of seven states in the United States who had once considered legislation to lower the legal drinking age from 21 to 18. In Kentucky, according to USA Today, most wanted to pass […]

Obama will embrace America’s challenges in office

Column by Emily Foerster Without a doubt, this week has been one of the most important in American history. Not only did we elect our first black president by a large majority, we elected a man (in the midst of our “War on Terror,” mind you) whose name, Barack Hussein Obama, happens to resemble the […]

Parking needs to address mopeds

If you don’t want to walk, bike, drive a car or ride a motorcycle, there is a perfect solution for you: the moped. The moped – kind of like a motorcycle, but minus the fast-get-up-and-go – makes perfect sense for a college student, or anyone traveling short distances daily. They hardly use any gas, are […]