Once powerful Matt Drudge has been ‘neutered’

Column by Andrew Waldner Matt Drudge should need no introduction. But for those who don’t know him, he runs a Web site (www.Drudgereport.com) that basically aggregates news from other sources. These stories tend to have a conservative bent. He’s known for not only uncovering news stories that aren’t getting attention but also for his ability […]

Kentucky can benefit from rural educational programs

It’s easy to complain about college. The cost of tuition is high and getting higher by the year. Textbooks are expensive, classes are hard, papers are long and tests are impossible. My roommate sucks, the food is gross, why is there never anywhere to park? It’s so easy to complain, students often forget to be […]

Web site lets you laugh at misfortune of others

If your secret (or not so secret) significant other has gotten back with their ex, professed their love for you at the worst possible time or hates your guts, rest assured there’s a place for you. It’s at fmylife.com — or as the cool kids call it, FML. If you had a bowel movement in […]

UK’s campus improved because of Student Government work

Column by Tyler Montell We all know, boys and girls, that the transition from the beach to the books isn’t easy. But there you were at 8 a.m. Monday morning, wide awake in biology class, glued to your seat, taking notes like you were getting paid by the vowel. Pat yourself on the back. You […]

Students shouldn’t be bribed by SG to attend events

Spending more than $4,500 of student money to give 20 students a new way of listening to their favorite music while walking around campus seems a little excessive. But that’s exactly what Student Government President Tyler Montell and his administration decided to do with that nice chunk of change. Montell and Co. purchased 20 iPod […]

Citizens need to be aware of House Bill 537 and its dangers

Column by Tate White House Bill 537 would require Kentucky to produce four billion gallons of coal-derived-liquids each day. The Kentucky Conservation Committee has shrewdly identified this as financially reckless and, not to mention, environmentally irresponsible. HB 537 is intended to assist in the implementation of Gov. Steve Beshear’s new state energy strategy. Unfortunately, this […]

Kentucky must consider decriminalizing marijuana

Column by Richard Becker Gatewood Galbraith, Kentucky author, activist and perennial political candidate, is a man for whom no cow is too sacred to be dragged out into the great sanitizer of the public eye. The most sacred of these are America’s draconian drug laws, which have earned the brunt of Galbraith’s abundant ire. Galbraith […]

Spending not ‘pork-barrel’

The column appearing in the March 23 Kernel by Myles Bouren was laughable in the usage of propaganda and lacking in any original thought.  While reading this, it reminded me of children I knew growing up who merely parroted back their parents’ ideology without having any actual insight into the discussion at all.  After reading […]