Establishing connections early can make a difference in your future

Column by Luke Murray We hear all the time the statement, “it’s not what you know but who you know that matters.” But despite the ubiquity and universal acceptance of this phrase and concept, I rarely see it being applied — especially in college. Being a marketing major, but not doing anything in marketing or […]

Fans stop booing, give young quarterback a chance

How can students at UK really say they bleed blue when most don’t even give Mike Hartline a chance? Bleeding blue is supposed to stand for our love of sports, including our athletes, right? Well, UK students need to seriously reconsider this statement and re-evaluate how they treat Hartline. Although he is not the best […]

Library hours are old news

I am tired of reading about library hours. Students pay enough tuition that the library should be able to stay open 24 hours. Is that not why we are here? Academics are supposed to be a priority in college, but after reading about cutting tutoring programs and cutting library hours, you start to wonder. There […]

Networking sites should not play a role in job hirings

It’s no secret that most college students are on Facebook, and a good number of us devote more time to Facebooking than we do to our studies. And why shouldn’t we? You can chat, view people’s pictures and even use the inexplicable “poke,” in addition to an innumerable amount of other applications and features. Monday’s […]

Sen. McCain’s mortgage bailout proposal too risky, needs revision

Column by Brad Bowling If you watched last week’s presidential debate, you no doubt heard Sen. John McCain unveil his mortgage bailout proposal. It called for the government to spend an estimated $300 billion, which is almost half the $700 billion financial bailout money recently approved by Congress, to buy up home mortgages. The funds, […]

Despite reader’s view, Kelly Flood will represent her district with pride

Column by Taylor Shelton On Monday, a particularly disturbing and ill-informed letter to the editor ran in the Kernel. Bill Marshall, a UK graduate, voiced his grievances with 75th Legislative District candidate Rev. Kelly Flood. Marshall complained that Flood would turn Lexington into San Francisco. For any number of reasons, I’m not sure Marshall has […]

Political mudslinging needs to stop

Column by Jacob Sims Recently, I spoke with a John McCain supporter disheartened by some of the national polls that have come out in favor of Barack Obama. This man was tired of McCain being “Mr. Nice Guy,” and explained how he ardently disagreed with one of McCain’s campaign manager’s statements that he and McCain […]

Campus diversity is a complicated issue that goes beyond the surface

Column by Wesley Robinson This semester it seems like the green fee, The Dame and diversity have dominated the headlines and content of the Kernel’s pages. But there is a major difference between the green fee and The Dame in comparison to diversity. Simply put, the first two issues have concrete solutions, and diversity does […]