Humans of UK: Twany Beckham gives back through publishing


UK players Michael Kidd-Gilchrist and Twany Beckham (10) celebrate after defeating Tennessee at Thompson-Boling Arena in Knoxville, Tenn., Jan. 14, 2012. Photo by Brandon Goodwin | Staff

Hannah Sexton

From a NCAA National Champion to a president of his own publishing company, Twany Beckham has led a full life.

Most people recognize Beckham from his time on the UK basketball team — specifically when it won the 2012 National Championship. He said his strongest memory is working with his teammates, and he keeps up with most of them today.

“That brotherhood at Kentucky is unlike anything you will ever experience in your life,” Beckham said.

After graduating, Beckham began to explore other passions outside of basketball, when he discovered a passion for writing. He self-published multiple books after graduating from UK with a bachelor’s degree in communication.

“Pressure” and “Full Court Press — Conquering Adversity Under Pressure” are inspirational stories self-published by Beckham. He said that he is the type of person to create his own opportunities instead of waiting for others. 

Beckham is the president of IvisonPress, a self-published author, NBA agent, International Basketball Federation agent and a motivational speaker. 

IvisionPress is a publishing company focused on giving opportunities to writers to become authors, make their vision a reality and inspire the world with their stories. 

Beckham started IvisonPress during the pandemic, when most other companies were taking a hit. He said his company started around May 2021 and is doing well.

“How can we reshape things and how can I still add value to people and give opportunity and resources? That’s how I came up with the publishing company,” Beckham said.  

Beckham said creators may not have a resource to go to after they finish a piece, but his company allows him to be that resource for others. 

“People now know they can create something and go get it published instead of having something they created and not knowing where to go,” he said. 

During the pandemic, Beckham’s motivational speaking took a hit, but he said it is starting to light up a bit, and there are hopes to get a full schedule of traveling and speaking back soon.

His motivational speeches are directed toward youth, which is a result of his childhood. Beckham is from Louisville, Kentucky, and grew up in a poverty-stricken area surrounded by violence. He said growing up, many of his peers didn’t have the opportunities to make it out of the rough area where they lived. He likes to go back to his community and give back, reminding everyone that there is hope to make it out. 

During his childhood, sports — specifically basketball — were perceived as the primary way to make it out. He explained that many of his peers thought the only way out was basketball, adopting an “NBA or nothing mindset.” Now, he knows that’s not true, and his work focuses more on the difference education can make. 

“My dream was making it to the NBA — I didn’t, but I’m on my journey,” Beckham said. “I’ve learned and have gotten educated on so many different things that I could go back and help somebody else be educated on.”