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Hey Ticketmaster, it’s ‘Quittin’ Time’

Abbey Cutrer
Zach Bryan performs on Saturday, June 3, 2023, during the Railbird music festival at the Red Mile infield in Lexington, Kentucky. Photo by Abbey Cutrer | Staff

Hey Ticketmaster, I think we should break up. It’s you, not me.

Never, and I mean NEVER, did I think I would’ve gotten stuck in yet another bad relationship, but here I am down $1046.41 and most definitely taken advantage of.

Over a month and a half’s worth of rent for a single concert may be the most ABSURD thing I’ve ever spent my money on, but with an immense amount of confidence, I do not find myself to be entirely at fault.

Let’s just start from the beginning.

I should’ve known what I was getting myself into from your history but boy, did my optimism prove me wrong.

It hasn’t even been a year since your lawsuit debacle with Taylor Swift’s Eras Tour, so I should’ve recognized you were far from being healed, or at least understand that it wouldn’t have been entirely smooth sailing. But nope, I ignored your red flags.

Instead, I sat somewhat patiently in your presale waiting room for an hour and ever-so-kindly waited in a secondary waiting room against my will. I then had the pleasure of sitting there for another 20 minutes, waiting behind over 13,000 people, even though I had a presale code. However, it still wasn’t smooth sailing from there.

You had the audacity to crash multiple times and have almost every single seat sold out — or so I thought — until I spent $425 EACH for general admission floor tickets when my budget was NOWHERE near that.

But here’s the best part. Not only did you rope me into paying over $1,000 for a concert but you then also fooled me and so many others when you added Zach Bryan’s second concert mid-sale.

You had me trapped. I either stayed in your toxic loop of refreshing the page and your venue map or risked getting out and being left with absolutely nothing.

He was only set to play one night in Knoxville — my only chance to see him — and we agreed and planned on this one night of freedom, but then you went and ripped the rug from right under my feet.

You managed to put me through every emotion humanly possible, but I stayed despite the manipulation. And while I may have been laughing and holding back my tears in my COM312 class then, I sure as hell am not now.

There’s no other way to say it besides that it sucks to look back on this momentous day where I ended up losing more than I may have gained. While I am beyond excited to get out of your grasp and see an amazing artist, you sure took a lot from me on my way out.

Bryan is known to have cheaper concerts in order to allow anyone and everyone to see him, despite their financial situation, but you? You’re the complete opposite and took advantage of every single one of us.

At this point, it’s not even worth it. Hell, I still question why I did what I did, but at the moment it was take it or leave it. And unfortunately, I would’ve been far more upset if I had left empty handed. So rather, my bank account is empty instead.

As I repeat this once more, Ticketmaster, it’s time to break up. You have much healing and self-improvement to do that would not only benefit you but the entirety of your customers.

Call me once you get yourself back together.

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