Brevede Coffee Co. opens new location


Carter Skaggs

Brevede Coffee Co. on High Street offers indoor and outdoor seating on Tuesday, April 4, 2023, at Brevede Coffee Co. in Lexington, Kentucky. Photo by Carter Skaggs | Staff

Olivia Tader, Reporter

Brevede Coffee Co. opened a second location in Lexington on March 28, joining their popular existing location in the Distillery District.

Just a few doors down from Chevy Chase Hardware, the new building turned from house to coffee shop on East High Street.

With both a hidden sign and smaller parking lot, the newer location can make visits less appealing, except all else changes once you step through either one of their entrances.

Customers have the option of using the front door or the back door located adjacent to the parking lot next to the house, instantly indulging the customer with a cozy and homey environment. 

While venturing to the counter, you’ll walk through all the different rooms in the house adorned with photography and artwork, each room having different purposes and seating. 

Lining the walls are windows with individual seats and a counter, perfect for getting work done by yourself. 

If you’re looking for a shift from productivity to comfortability, one of the many rooms displays a fireplace and comfy chairs, my personal favorite. This is a perfect space to chat with friends or read a book.

Although there is another room with more private seating options, I found that there are less seats than the Distillery District location which has much more of an open concept and communal seating. The East High Street location is more suitable for individuals or smaller groups

Unlike the seating options, when ordering your drink and food, there are endless possibilities with the menu being similar to the original locations. 

They have many pastries and breakfast options ranging from croissants, bagels, danishes and beyond, all being great options, but the chocolate croissant I had was so sweet and just melted on my tongue.

As for drinks, they had everything one could want on a coffee menu: lattes, cold brew, chai, mocha and more. 

The coffee was both strong and rich, and you can’t go wrong ordering a caramel latte if you are looking for something simple but also flavorful. 

Displaying affordable and reasonable prices, the coffee and pastries are very similar to other local coffee shops in Lexington.

Brevede’s East High Street location also has a room full of jewelry and other knick knacks available to purchase, much like its Distillery District location, once you first walk in.

Being packed with excited customers and friendly staff, the closer shop to campus is a great alternative to the further location to study or to just grab coffee with your friends.