Concerts at Rupp: Morgan Wallen edition


Morgan Wallen performs during The Dangerous Tour on Friday, Dec. 3, 2021, at Rupp Arena in Lexington, Kentucky. Photo by Jack Weaver | Staff

Olivia Tader, Reporter

Most people who go to UK think of Rupp Arena only as where Kentucky mens basketball games are played. But it is also a great space to hold events, considering its ability to hold roughly 23,500 people. 

Since it first opened in 1976, Rupp Arena has held numerous concerts and events. 

If you are fortunate enough to do so, I highly recommend attending a concert held at Rupp Arena while you are in Lexington. 

Like mens basketball games, Rupp Arena gets just as rowdy and loud for concerts and other events. 

I had the opportunity to go to the Morgan Wallen concert in December of 2021 at Rupp Arena, and there was nothing else like it. 

In some cases, it is the performer that makes the experience and in others it is the venue. In this case, it was both. 

First of all, Morgan Wallen puts on a show like no other. He is energetic and engaged with his audience. He puts so much into every song he sings. 

Rupp Arena got so lively during that show. You could just feel the energy bouncing off the walls. 

There was no bad seat in the arena. From everywhere, you could see everything happening on the stage. I should know, I was in the nosebleed seats. 

I remember looking around and seeing that almost every seat in that place was filled. People were actively chatting with others around them before the show. You could feel the excitement radiating off people. 

There was so much energy for even the opening acts. The lights used in the show did so much to enhance the performance. 

At one point in between the openers and Morgan Wallen, the arena even started doing the wave. 

When it was time for Morgan Wallen to come out, the arena was bursting with sound. Everyone around me was screaming their heads off. 

At one point in the show, the lights went completely off, and everyone turned on their phone flashlight. The phone flashlights lit up the entire arena. 

By no means is Rupp Arena small. But, the phone flashlights lit up the arena so well that you could see everyone in the audience as well as Morgan Wallen performing on stage. 

Morgan Wallen came to Rupp Arena three days in a row for shows last year. He was there on Friday, Saturday, and Sunday. I only attended the show, Sunday Dec. 5, 2021. 

For what was his third show in a row in the same city, Morgan Wallen gave 100% despite probably being tired. 

Rupp Arena concert experiences are unlike no other because of the electrifying feel each spectator brings. 

You would think that the end of the concert would be the end of the experience at Rupp Arena. But it was not. 

After the concert, it was pouring outside. But that did not ruin people’s night. 

The crowd of people that flooded out onto the street were singing Morgan Wallen songs as they were exiting the arena in the rain.

Spirits were still high despite the gloomy weather in the dead of winter. 

If you could do one thing in Lexington while in town, I would highly recommend going to any concert at Rupp Arena. 

Just the thought of the dynamic feeling you get from being in that arena should be enough.