UK students love their mens basketball team


Jack Weaver

Kentucky students cheer during the No. 3 Kentucky vs. No. 6 Vanderbilt mens basketball game in the SEC Tournament quarterfinals on Friday, March 10, 2023, at Bridgestone Arena in Nashville, Tennessee. Vanderbilt won 80-73. Photo by Jack Weaver | Staff

Nia Chancellor, Reporter

After attending a UK mens basketball home game on Wednesday, March 1, I decided to reflect on my experience as a student attending the games this season. Just how loyal are UK students to their team?

One of the main appeals UK offers is being an SEC school. 

As someone from Kentucky who has grown up on UK basketball, I can confidently say that being a student at an SEC school who actively goes to games is a college experience not a lot of people can say they went through. 

The atmosphere feels so exciting. Whether you’re in EZone, aka the “eRUPPtion zone,” or the student reserved section, both have good energy. 

The pregame show is probably one of my favorite parts about going to these games. 

Between the videos shown on the screen hanging in the center of the ceiling above our heads, the lights changing at just the perfect time and the music from the band that gets everyone up on their feet, it’s a very lively atmosphere. 

When my friends who are out of state students bring their parents to a game, the pregame show is always something that is pointed out as entertaining. 

Rupp Arena is always filled on game days, especially the student section. A whole crowd screaming and rooting for you must be such a good feeling.

I noticed the students in particular tend to stay until the very end, whether we’re winning or losing. Students continuously try to show their support and yell words of encouragement. 

In the past, fans tended to get upset at the team whenever they were not doing well, but then praise them when they were playing great. 

Fans used to pick and choose when to be a fan or not and support their team. 

However, I think the students here at UK are usually very passionate about their Wildcats.

After the game against Vanderbuilt, there was inclement weather that resulted in downpours of rain. This game was very close, until the very last second, so the majority of Rupp was still filled. 

When the game ended, many people, including myself and my friends, were running through the rain back home. Personally, I wouldn’t go through that experience for a team I didn’t like. 

The last home game was such a good run. Although the game was disappointing for the seniors on the team, the crowd still had their back.

I may be biased, but Kentucky Basketball fans are some of the best and most loyal fans in the SEC.