PHOTOS: A look back at John Calipari’s March Madness outfits

Jack Weaver, Photo Editor

Since John Calipari took the reins of Kentucky mens basketball in 2009, he has led the Cats to 41 NCAA Tournament games and four Final Fours.

A lot has changed since Calipari’s first NCAA Tournament game with Kentucky in New Orleans in 2010. Just take a look at the color of Calipari’s hair or the length of those shorts.

Until recently, though, one thing hadn’t changed: Calipari’s ‘fit. In his past 40 March Madness games, Calipari has sported a suit as he takes the Cats dancing in March. He ended his own tradition in Greensboro on Friday, March 16, when he swapped the formal wear for his new look: a blue Kentucky quarter zip.