Who runs the world? Squirrels


Carter Skaggs

A campus squirrel clings onto a tree after being spooked by a student walking on Friday, Feb. 10, 2023, near Patterson Office Tower in Lexington, Kentucky. Photo by Carter Skaggs | Staff

Gracie Moore, Reporter

It’s time we talk about the chaos of the campus squirrels. 

Western Kentucky University may have white squirrels, but our squirrels seem to act on every intrusive thought that goes through their little heads. 

These guys are afraid of nothing. They will do just about anything for food, and they seem to find the craziest spots to hang out. 

The tiny comedians have gained so much popularity that they have a student-made Instagram page, Big Blue Squirrels

On this profile, you’ll find plenty of squirrels in trash cans, eating human food and action shots. 

When I messaged the owner of the profile, they said they started posting after seeing how comfortable the squirrels are around humans. 

They saw so many funny photo opportunities and thought the page would be a great place to share their run-ins as well as submissions from other students. 

Along with many other students, I have had some wild encounters with the campus squirrels. 

Once when I was walking back to my apartment fairly late at night when campus was very quiet after a long time of studying, the only living creature that I could see was a squirrel. 

He had a gigantic breadstick. I guess he had just left Papa Johns. 

He was struggling to run through the posts of the handrail with his dinner. I had nothing better to do so I stood there for about three minutes, just watching this confused squirrel attempt his escape with the horizontal breadstick until he eventually turned his head so his food was vertical and made it through. 

But not all encounters have been so pleasant. 

I had to take my breakfast on the go one day, and I suppose this squirrel hadn’t had his first meal of the day either. He was scavenging through the trash can where I couldn’t see him. 

I guess he smelled my sandwich and really wanted it, so he leapt out of the trashcan in an attempt to steal my food. His air-time was outstanding. 

My favorite experience of all was seeing the squirrel with no tail who lives between Memorial Hall and the law building. 

I had a class in the law building last semester, so I was heading that way and saw a face in the hole of a tree and was curious, so I went to investigate a bit. I think I scared him, because he was about to run out but then ran right back in when I got near. 

As small of a joy as it may be, walking around campus and seeing the squirrels being wild never fails to make me smile. 

I’ve always loved animals, so I love being on a campus with so many dogs and squirrels, and of course, the interactions between those two animals usually ends in laughter as well. 

It’s a simple joy that never fails to brighten up my day. Unless the squirrel is trying to steal my food. All innocence and cuteness disappears when they threaten my food. 

It’s very pure that college students find such a fascination in such a small and cute animal. It’s heartwarming to see people laughing at the squirrels or admiring from afar, and I hope this interest never ends.