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Column by Chris DeLottell

During tonight’s UK-Eastern Kentucky volleyball match at Memorial Coliseum, the stands figure to feature a scaled-down version of what we saw at Commonwealth Stadium on Saturday. We’ll see a wash of blue, speckled with dots of Eastern Kentucky maroon, as UK goes for its eighth straight win over its neighbor from Richmond.

But not every fan will be wearing one of the two schools’ colors.

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ring something neutral,” UK athletic director Mitch Barnhart said. “I’ll probably wear white, that would be the safest.”

Barnhart will leave his Big Blue attire at home tonight because he’ll be torn between professional allegiance and family alliance. His daughter Kirby, a sophomore middle blocker for the Colonels, will be on the other side of the net.

For the athletic director, this marks the ultimate example of conflicting emotions. He’s given third year UK volleyball coach Craig Skinner all the tools necessary as Skinner builds a rising Southeastern Conference power, and he has close relationships with UK’s coaches and players. But tonight, his own blood will be trying to beat his school. So who will Mitch Barnhart be rooting for?

“I want everyone to walk away feeling good,” he said, laughing while sidestepping the question. “There’s obviously a real strong piece for the UK side and there’s the personal side — you want to see your daughter do well.”

Kirby’s not nervous or apprehensive about facing off against her dad’s school.

“I’m really excited,” she said. “It brings a different atmosphere. It’s a little different than any other game, because I’m around UK a lot and my dad works there.”

Kirby even spent time around UK this summer, working Skinner’s youth camp. During that time, she became close with many of UK’s players.

“On the court you want to win,” she said, “but off the court we’re friends.”

In all likelihood, Mitch Barnhart will have few tense moments tonight. Eastern enters the game at just 1-4 and hasn’t beaten UK since 1985.

The Cats, meanwhile, rolled over the opposition in last weekend’s Kentucky classic, sweeping all three opponents they faced. The Cats are 6-1 for the second straight year, and Skinner appears to have his most talented squad since taking the job in 2005.

“We’re building our program at UK and that’s a primary concern,” Mitch Barnhart said. “You’ve got to know that you’re cognizant of your responsibility.”

Barnhart’s responsibility tonight will be twofold — supportive boss and proud father.

“We’re really proud of her as parents,” Barnhart said. “She’s an even better person than she is a volleyball player, and that’s really what’s important.”

But that doesn’t subtract from the intrigue of the matchup. How will UK’s athletic director react if Kirby Barnhart spikes down a game winner tonight for Eastern Kentucky? We’ll have to find Mitch Barnhart in the stands and watch for ourselves.

And that won’t be hard to do. He’ll be the only one wearing white.

Sports editor Chris DeLotell is an education senior. E-mail [email protected].