Building bike routes would improve safety for cyclists, walkers

Pedestrians on UK campus are constantly in danger of collisions with cyclists. A pedestrian’s natural reaction to the lucky close calls or the not-so-lucky accidents is often that of anger toward the cyclist. However, the cyclists are not the only ones to blame.

UK encourages new students to use bicycles as their main mode of transportation on campus. However, the lack of bike paths on campus makes it difficult for cyclists to navigate.

Because of the limited number of bike paths around campus, cyclists are often presented with two options: taking a dangerous and time-consuming detour or riding on the pedestrian-only trails.

Many time-pressed cyclists choose to weave in and out of human obstacles and put their own safety, as well as the safety of the pedestrians, at risk.

To improve campus safety and to elevate the biking experience on campus, UK should work with local government to create more bike paths on and near campus.

The creation of new biking routes would lead to bikers being able to travel to and from class with ease, and it would prevent walkers from almost having their elbows taken off by passing bikers.

Student cyclists need their own path to ride on, but presently these routes are nowhere to be found. Routes to and from class for walkers have been created, but routes for bikers are just as important.

As the number of bikers rises, the number of biking routes should do the same.