Senate to discuss logging plan

Although it has already been approved, the logging of 800 acres of UK-owned Robinson Forest will be discussed at this month’s University Senate meeting.

“It’s essentially an after-talk,” said University Senate Chairman Kaveh Tagavi.

At the Oct. 1 University Senate Council meeting, Tagavi said, council member Judith Lesnaw brought up Robinson Forest.

“I said, OK, continue to invite people on all sides, we will put it on the agenda,” Tagavi said.

The forestry department tentatively plans to send a panel of three to five faculty members to the Senate meeting to answer questions about the forest, he said.

“We’re planning to be there as informational resources,” said David Maehr, a forestry professor. “This is a complex issue.”

Questions will be allowed from those in attendance during the discussion on Robinson Forest as long as they are not unruly, Tagavi said. He also said it is uncertain what will happen during the discussion and what will result.

UK’s Board of Trustees has already approved logging in Robinson Forest. However, if a consensus against logging Robinson Forest is reached after the panel discussion, that decision will be passed along, Tagavi said.

“If I’m told to give a ‘sense of the Senate’ to the president (Lee Todd), to the governor, to the Board of Trustees, I will do that,” Tagavi said.

The “sense of the Senate” vote would be non-binding, meaning UK could still start the logging project even if the resolution passed.

Also on the agenda for today’s University Senate meeting are an analysis of UK’s policy on conflicts of interest and financial disclosure in research, changes in language to four University Senate Rules, and an announcement about National Work and Family Month by Work-Life Director Robynn Pease.

The meeting is from 3 to 5 p.m. today in the auditorium of the W.T. Young Library. Like all monthly meetings of the full Senate, today’s meeting is open to the public.