Mopeds endanger UK pedestrians

Given the hubbub about bike paths and biker and pedestrian safety on campus, I am surprised to hear little ranting about the recent moped trend.

Mopeds drive in the street and can easily keep up with traffic on campus. Therefore, they should not be tolerated driving in bike lanes or on sidewalks. I was extremely shocked on several occasions to see mopeds flitting back and forth across campus on “no bike” footpaths.

If being run down by a bicycle is a major concern for administrators, why is there no policy for mopeds, which could be far more dangerous to pedestrians? I do not understand why these actions have been tolerated.

I still recall the bike “crackdown” of a year or two ago, when illegally parked bikes were impounded and bikers riding on no-bike paths were immediately ticketed. How is it now acceptable to ride and park motorized vehicles right outside the front doors of the White Hall Classroom Building? I have even seen mopeds plugged into university buildings charging their batteries between classes!

Parking and driving regulations and enforcement are clearly needed for mopeds as they become increasingly popular on campus.

Cristina Brady

Agriculture senior