Stay at home if you can’t handle fans booing

This is in response to the letter to the editor that appeared in the Kernel on Friday about UK fans booing the University of Tennessee’s band. That was not the worst booing that I can remember. If I do remember correctly, we booed the heck out of the University of Louisville’s band when we played them.

I do not think people were booing the band itself; I think it was more because the band played “Rocky Top.” This, by the way, is the worst song I think a true Kentucky Wildcat fan can hear.

I was sitting in the student section, and the student crowd actually stayed around and watched Tennessee’s band play because it was enjoyable, and people clapped when they were done playing.

Fans only booed when “Rocky Top” was being played, which is OK because when you are at a sporting event, booing happens. If you are embarrassed to see people booing, then do not go to the stadium to see the game; sit at home and watch it on TV instead.

Chris Howell

Business and finance senior