Abstinence is answer to reduce abortions

In response to Kathryn Hogg’s column from yesterday: I wonder what she would do with someone like me who is not only ardently anti-abortion, but also opposes the death penalty and the war in Iraq, who is an environmentalist and supports a strong social welfare net for the poor? Ms. Hogg needs to be careful about characterizing those of us who consider ourselves pro-life.

Ms. Hogg talks a lot about rights and personhood, but I do not see her addressing one issue that I see ignored in almost every pro-choice article. What percentage of abortions is performed on single women? We know that the percentage due to rape and incest is minuscule. I am very curious as to how many of those in the abortion clinics are married. I suspect it is a minority.

A large number of abortions could be prevented if unmarried people would simply refrain from having sexual intercourse unless they were willing to bear the responsibility of conceiving a child. I speak from experience. My youngest son was conceived out of wedlock (although I am now married to the father). I remember the panic of discovering that I was pregnant when I did not want to be, and worrying about money and social stigma. The fact is, I did not have to put myself in that situation. All it would have taken was abstinence.

I’m really glad I didn’t abort my son, and equally glad that I chose to have sex with someone who was going to be there for me and his child. Before you have sex, look at the person and ask yourself, “Could I imagine having a child with this person?” If the answer is “no,” then maybe you should go to a movie instead.

Teena H. Blackburn

Philosophy part-time instructor