Film loses mystery of true treasure hunt

By Ricky Simpson

Fool’s Gold

Starring Matthew McConaughey, Kate Hudson, Donald Sutherland

From the opening credits, you feel you are emerged in a historic treasure hunt spanning generations. But quickly the emphasis on the sunken treasure, and the epic historic portion of the film, is lost to the bubbly, blonde curls of the air-headed lead character — and I don’t mean Kate Hudson.

In “Gold,” Benjamin (McConaughey) and Tess (Hudson) are going through a divorce after years of Benjamin’s carelessness and immaturity. When Benjamin finds a significant piece to a treasure the two have been seeking for years, they come together for one final attempt at grasping their treasure before it falls into the hands of infamous rapper Big Bunny (Kevin Hart).

The beginning makes you feel like you are about to partake in an epic treasure hunt a la “National Treasure” while piecing together minutiae to create a grand picture. Instead, the mystery of the treasure is solved in the first minutes, and the adventure turns into relationship banter.

McConaughey and Hudson come together again and actually make a charming team as romantic companions. The background of Benjamin and Tess is complemented wonderfully by the two as they have frustrating history but remain drawn to each other in an adorable way.

This film runs 113 minutes and is rated PG-13 for some sexual content and violence. I love the tension between the two stars, but the plot could have been helped if there was more mystery to the treasure and given us more of a hunt. If there was more Indiana Jones thrills or even “Goonies”-like adventure, the romance would have been there regardless. In the end, this film isn’t exactly “Gold”, but it isn’t “Fool’s Gold” either.

Grade: B-

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