Stressed students encouraged to use counseling services

With the end of the semester nowhere in sight, now is the time many students begin to feel overwhelmed by school and job commitments. If students need some help managing their stress, they should first look for resources on campus.

The UK Counseling and Testing Center offers that help through individual therapy, groups and workshops for stressed-out students, the Kernel reported Jan. 24. We encourage students to take advantage of the center’s services as a way of confronting major stress-related problems.

Providing a stress management service is just one way that UK can combat declining retention rates. One of the major difficulties of transitioning from high school to college or from a community college to a large state university is dealing with the increased academic, social and financial pressures. Like many of the other health-related services that UK offers for free, students should take advantage of the Counseling and Testing Center at the onset of severe stress problems to maintain their health during and after college.

However, students should be aware that stress is an inseparable part of college and life beyond the university. Stress will never entirely be eliminated, although learning how to manage stress now is key for future success.

Stress is caused by and experienced in different ways by each individual. In providing both individual and group counseling, the Counseling and Testing Center is able to meet the diverse needs of students.

Hopefully, the Counseling and Testing Center will be able to better publicize and expand on these services in the future. In order for these services to continue and thrive, not only must students use them, but the administration also must provide as much support as possible.

The university should not take stress lightly; like other health issues, providing free stress-relief services will improve academic performance of students and contribute to UK’s goal to become a better university.