Take your Queen to the Castle

Today, all across the nation, Cupid’s arrow will deliver flowers, candy, cards, jewelry and kisses — ones of the chocolate variety, of course.

All that love doesn’t come cheap.

The average consumer will spend about $125 on Valentine’s Day, with a total projected profit expected to reach about $17 billion, according to the National Retail Federation.

But, as always, Valentine’s Day is one holiday that involves late plans and people scrounging for every last minute — and penny— to plan an evening of events for their significant other.

Those who haven’t found plans don’t have to worry: There are still a few Valentine’s options around town for every price range.

A night at the Castle

If $50 is too steep of a price for this Valentine’s Day, there is one place that is steamy and full of hot little buns where you can dine with your significant other.

Across the nation, every White Castle location will provide a candlelight, table side dinner for couples to enjoy.

The dinner is a fun option for students, said James Sizemore, a manager at the White Castle on East Reynolds Road in Lexington.

“It’s a cheap alternative for the big night out,” Sizemore said. “They (White Castle) have been doing this for the past three years.”

The event lasts from 5 to 8 p.m., and reservations can be made by calling the White Castle main office in Louisville at (502) 361-231 ext. 7.

This event has become popular with students and people around Lexington, Sizemore said.

“We get calls all day, every day,” Sizemore said.

“Lovesavers” Surprise Theater

Natasha’s Café is putting a love twist on one of its most popular series.

The Surprise Theater is a production that removes the boundaries the audience is prepared for and anticipating by having the play start from anywhere but the stage, according to Natasha’s Web site (www.beetnik.com).

“All of the directors, script and actors are kept secret,” said Ray Williams, promotions director at Natasha’s.  “The actor could be a waitress or someone sitting next to you.”

This Valentine’s Day, the café is offering a performance package that includes tickets and a special meal that has four courses, with each course including an aphrodisiac, Williams said.

“We did a lot of research, as we basically built our entire menu around that,” Williams said.

Reservations are required, and the tickets, which include the meal, are $45 per person or $85 for couples.  The Surprise Theater is running through Friday, so if tickets aren’t available or the price is too much, the same production will be shown tomorrow with a ticket price of $7.  The only difference is that the meal is not included.

Natasha’s Café is located at 112 Esplanade downtown. For more information, call 259-2754.

Sweetheart’s Magic Dinner

Magician John Shore will provide an intimate magical adventure for those who choose to participate in this mystical event.

The Embassy Suites Hotel at 1801 Newtown Pike will host and provide an upscale dinner tonight at 6:30 where patrons can choose from Atlantic salmon, pecan chicken or a vegetarian option, said Joanna Lindsey, the box office manager at Embassy Suites Hotel.

During the dinner, Shore will perform tricks in hopes of leaving the audience mystified.

“Other than the price, I think it would be fun and something different for students,” Lindsey said. “Plus, you get a good dinner.”

Tickets are $55 per person. For more information, call 455-5000.