Calls for SG president to resign inappropriate

The controversial e-mail that UK Student Government President Nick Phelps forwarded is both misleading and factually incorrect. While I commend the Muslim Student Association for looking at the situation as an opportunity for education, this issue has been blown absurdly out of p How Can I Tell My Ex Bf Thank You For The Time He Has His Cell Phone Shut Off roportion.

Even as a registered Democrat and as a student actively involved in campus diversity programming, I must stand against UK College Democrats President Robert Kahne’s extreme and thoughtless call for Phelps’ resignation. This is not the appropriate solution but just the first to pop into his head. It is merely an attempt by Kahne to make a name for himself on campus for a few days by getting a quote or two in the local media.

It is not hard to envision that Phelps, in forwarding the e-mail to seven of his closest colleagues (his executive staff), was simply trying to spark a political dialogue, or, at worst, ruffle the feathers of a few close friends. My uncle forwarded me the same e-mail weeks ago without a disclaimer, but I know him and recognized it was not his personal opinion. I understand how such an ignorant e-mail could offend UK students, but I do not understand how forwarding it to individuals that know him better than that offends students.

It’s easy to point fingers and assume the worst. Kahne’s own ethics could be called into question for going undercover and trying to get a job on Republican Anne Northup’s campaign while actually in support of Democrat John Yarmuth during the last congressional race.

The most disturbing and disappointing part of this entire storm is it eclipses how hard Phelps and the rest of SG have been working recently to promptly and effectively address Gov. Steve Beshear’s proposed 12 percent cut in state university funding. Unlike prior SG administrations, Phelps and other SG members have met with over 20 elected officials in Frankfort just since the 2008 ball dropped. The more undue attention the controversial e-mail gets, the less necessary attention your tuition will receive.

Nick Phelps has been the most productive SG president in years, and his record is flawless. Don’t let a misunderstanding mislead you.

Tim Pearce

Economics and management sophomore

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